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The Experience We-Ha Podcast: Dog Training Strategies with Dogology Owner, Marissa Squires

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If you are a dog owner in need of a little help with your pooch’s behavior issues, this podcast is for you. Ryan and Jeff sit with Marissa Squires of Dogology, located on Sedgwick Road in West Hartford to talk about dog training and the services Marissa offers.

Is it about the dog or the owner? Find out some great tips in handling common issues with certain dog behaviors in this week’s podcast.

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Episode Chapters:

0:00 – Intro

2:30 – About Marissa and Dogology

6:00 – Work with rescue dogs

7:45 – Socializing a new puppy and behavior issues

12:25 – Training the dog or training the dog owner?

14:25 – Group classes or individual

15:40 – How to “de-value” bad behavior

18:20 – Evolving dog training

24:48 – Dogology training availability

26:20 – Types of food for dogs

29:40 – Marissa’s favorite We-Ha dish

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