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The Experience We-Ha Podcast: We Get Our Fix at The Fix IV

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In this week’s Experience We-Ha Podcast, Ryan and I paid a visit to The Fix IV to learn more about IV hydration, energy, and overall wellness treatment and booster wellness. We chat with Owner Erin Fox and Registered Nurse, Danielle, to better understand the different types of IV treatments and boosters available. Being my first time getting a treatment I was very curious about the process and I have to say, I left after my Myers’ Fix feeling better than when I got there – and felt better for days after!

For more information about The Fix IV – GO HERE

To book an appointment – GO HERE

A special thanks to Marissa Squires and Rob Oliver, The Fix IV regulars, for joining us and providing some valuable input on their experience with IV treatment.

Podcast Episode Chapters:

0:00 – Intro

2:20 – Starting the infusion and what it feels like

3:45 – About the Myers’ Fix

5:45 – Difference between a FIX and a BOOSTER

7:30 – The Spa – Relax, Revive, Rejuvenate (and work if you want)

8:45 – Confessions of a regular customer

10:45 – Marissa getting her Fuel Fix

12:18 – The most popular Fixes

16:10 – About Erin and her inspiration for launching The Fix IV

19:40 – The wonders of CO-Q 10

21:25 – The pressure bag

22:45 – It’s really an approachable process

28:19 – The fountain of youth treatment?

31:10 – Recommended Fix and boost cadence

36:45 – Coming soon at The Fix IV

40:30 – Favorite We-Ha Dishes

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