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The Experience We-Ha Podcast: Career Change and Leadership with Transformative Leadership Strategies

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Are you happy with your job? Are you considering a change but don’t know where to start? Alicia Davis and Stacie Watson can help!

On this episode of the Experience We-Ha Podcast, Ryan and Jeff had a valuable and informative conversation with Alicia and Stacie, co-owners of Transformative Leadership Strategies. We discuss how they work with their clients through the stressful process of a career change. We also discuss how they work with individuals and organizations on topics such as knowing your core values and the role of leadership throughout one’s professional journey.

For more information and to contact Alicia and Stacie, check out their website Transformative Leadership Strategies.

Email: [email protected]

Also, connect with them on LinkedIn

Episode Chapters:

0:00 – Intro

2:30 – What is Transformative Leadership Services and how Stacie and Alicia help individuals and businesses

6:46 – Career transition coaching

8:25 – How to overcome the fear of change

11:15 – Connecting head and heart – getting clear on what’s most important

14:20 – Control what you can

15:30 – Coaching vs. Therapy – What’s the difference?

20:00 – Who do Stacie and Alicia look to for inspiration?

22:30 – LinkedIn, the modern-day resume and making about what YOU want to do

31:00 – Are you disengaged at work?

35:50 – How can good leadership help

40:30 – Inter-generational communication issues in the workplace

45:38 – Stacie and Alicia’s favorite We-Ha dish

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