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Laser Hair Removal is Affordable and Safe at BareSkin Med Spa

BareSkin is located at 202 Park Rd., West Hartford. Photo courtesy of Angela Sarwar


Laser hair removal can be affordable, safe and efficient, something that the brother/sister duo of Aaron and Angela Sarwar have proven at BareSkin Med Spa.

The two opened BareSkin in 2015, and employ a topnotch staff and state-of-the-art technology for their clients. We asked Angela about how laser hair removal works, and more.

Brother-sister duo Aaron and Angela Sarwar opened BareSkin Med Spa after Angela’s own experience with laser hair removal turned out to be costly and less than professional. Photo courtesy of Angela Sarwar

How does it work?

First off, we use the best technology in the business. We have the Candela GentleMax Pro with the Alexandrite and Nd:YAG lasers. Our device has both lasers allow­ing us to treat all skin types. The Alexandrite laser is typically used for lighter skin types while the Nd:YAG is best for darker skin types. The laser light is absorbed by the hair and converted to heat energy. This heat reaches the hair follicle which stops it from growing hair. Our clients typically see coarse hairs vanishing after the first 1-2 sessions. Our practice is Candela maintained and serviced to ensure our clients receive the best possible results!

Laser hair removal can make you feel more confident about yourself and your body. You will never have to pack a razor when you go on a trip again! Photo courtesy of Angela Sarwar

How many sessions do I need?

Our packages are built using six sessions to complete treatment for each area. Each session is four to nine weeks apart with each taking 10-30 minutes depending on the size of the area being treated. With each treat­ment you will see about a 20 percent reduction in hair, so you will see results right away, even after one session. We back our results with lifetime maintenance / add-on sessions as needed for a minimal charge. So should you need a maintenance session after 2 years?… no sweat!

Who does the actual treatment?

Our staff is made up of RNs and APRNs, all trained and certified by Candela Medical all while only charging a fraction of what you would pay somewhere else. The added bonus is that we get to know you. We love build­ing relationships with our clients.

Does it hurt to have a laser hair removal treatment?

It’s not like the lasers your grandma told you about. Laser technology has come a long way. For most people it feels like the slap of a little rubber band but for others they feel a slight pin prick, or nothing at all. Our lasers utilize Cryogen for both cooling and comfort. This greatly reduces any pain while increasing the lasers effectiveness!

The Candela GentleMax Pro is gentle and works on all skin types. Photo courtesy of Angela Sarwar

Is it affordable?

YES! We offer both 3 and 6-session packages. The 3-ses­sion packages are to break up the cost. On top of that we always have our introductory pricing for new clients: Purchasing all 6-sessions for a small area like under­arms is currently just $577! Large areas including the Brazilian or Full Back is just $1291 for all 6-sessions! Up-front pricing with no gimmicks.

Besides hair removal, what other services do you provide?

The bulk of our clients come in for hair removal but some additional treatments we provide include Frax and Ultrashape. The Frax Pro system is an advanced diode laser system providing dual-depth skin resur­facing. It treats everything from sun-spots to acne scarring. It really leaves skin glowing. A lot of brides come in for it for that extra glow on their big day! The Ultrashape Power is an FDA-approved technology that reduces fat non-invasively. It involves 3-sessions spaced 2 weeks apart. Since it uses Ultra-Sound technology it is pain-free!

BareSkin is located at 202 Park Rd., West Hartford. Call to make an appointment, 860-519-1313 or visit Gobareskin.com.

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