GoNetspeed Announces Further Expansion in West Hartford and Surrounding Towns

Map as of Feb. 10, 2020. Areas in green have service available, and areas in orange are plans for expansion. Courtesy of GoNetspeed

GoNetspeed began installing its state-of-the-art fiber optic network in the West Hartford area in the spring of 2018, and announced Monday that they will have service available to more than 30,000 customers in the West Hartford area in 2020.  

By Ronni Newton

Another section of West Hartford now has a new alternative for internet service – an option that comes with not only state-of-the-art fiber optics, but also a lifetime price guarantee and consistent and symmetrical upload and download speeds.

GoNetspeed, which in 2018 began the build-out of its high-speed fiber optic network in West Hartford and the West End of Hartford, as well as Bridgeport and New Haven, announced Monday that the company is now able to reach 15,000 homes in the West Hartford area, and will be expanding its availability to double that during 2020.

The company continued its rapid expansion during 2019, and according to GoNetspeed Marketing and Communications Manager Jodie Snook, just completed a build-out in the 06117 zip code in West Hartford and is in the process of completing expansion in Elmwood that will make the service available to another 2,000 homes.

The areas highlighted in green on the map (shown above, and as a PDF below) have service available now, and those areas shown in orange on the map represent where service will become available within the next few months, Snook said.

GoNetspeed offers residential customers a starting bandwidth of 150 Mbps (megabits per second) for $50 per month –with no extra fees or taxes. The bandwidth is powerful enough to satisfy most all downloading, surfing, and gaming needs, the company says, and live TV streaming options now available– such as YouTube TV – provide an extensive lineup of TV channels.

According to GoNetspeed, customers who sign up for GoNetspeed’s Standard plan (for a flat cost of $50 a month) combined with a subscription to YouTube TV (at $49.99 a month), in lieu of cable, can watch their favorite shows and sports and save $1,200 a year (based on average competitor costs in a study conducted by the Leichtman Research Group, published Oct. 31, 2018).

For those who are tech savvy, the prospect of cutting the cord isn’t scary, but many people remain with their bundled packages because they fear a disruption in service, hesitating because they are overwhelmed trying to figure out how they will be able to stream the programs they want to watch.

Tom Perrone, chief operating officer of GoNetspeed, said making the transition really isn’t difficult, plus it saves money and offers better service that can seamlessly accommodate multiple devices.

We want to make the transition from the cable company as easy as possible for the customer,” said Perrone. “It is our mission to offer the best customer service in the business and provide residents an alternative to break away from the cable company for a better product at a lower cost.”

To assist in the transition, GoNetspeed has recently introduced “Live TV Concierge” service to assist customers in setting up their WiFi, configuring the router, and setting up YouTube TV – which is the streaming service they recommend. The concierge service is available for a one-time fee of $79.99.

For those who need or want more help, GoNetspeed has partners like consultant Mark LeBlanc, owner of LeBlanc Tech Services, who can assist with more complicated installations that present perceived “barriers” to cord cutting – and he even offers free consultation.

Those who are interested in having GoNetspeed service should register interest online at www.gonetspeed.com, because the company will continue its expansion in the state based on demonstrated demand, Snook said. There needs to be at least 15% interest for an area to be considered.

“At the moment, from a cost perspective we’re starting in more dense areas where there is interest we’ve received,” Snook said. Most of the areas in the recent expansion are those where interest has been indicated.

Map as of Feb. 10, 2020. Areas in green have service available, and areas in orange are plans for expansion. Courtesy of GoNetspeed

There remain some “little islands” on the map, where there is no coverage while it’s available on surrounding streets. Snook said although not common in West Hartford, reasons for the “islands” could include locations with underground utilities so there are no poles on which to install the cable, resistance from apartment building owners, or service may just not yet be built out to a certain pole.

Snook said GoNetspeed is working on a “densification project,” filling in coverage wherever possible.

Residential service options are also available at speeds of 500 Mbps and 1 Gbps (gigabits per second). GoNetspeed plans include a Flat Rates Forever lifetime price guarantee – even if you move within their coverage territory –  and no data caps. 

In addition to expansion plans for West Hartford, GoNetspeed will be building out its fiber-optic network to areas of Newington, Wethersfield, and East Hartford during 2020.

For more information on the company, or to inquire about service for your residence or community, visit www.gonetspeed.com.

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  • I made the switch a couple of weeks ago. I couldn’t be happier. When I cancelled Comcast they of course tried to retain me. Ask why the switch, I told them of GoNetSpeed. When I said, “Competition is a great thing”, they could say no more.

    At my router, I get 150 mb/s symmetrical speed (upload and download), whereas Comcast was 100 up, and ONLY 6 mb/s up, so it took a long time to upload pictures to the cloud. (I think a root canal would have been less painful.)
    Be aware that when you put the signal onto your WiFi, your mileage will vary, based on the hardware you have, (router as well as the transceiver on your laptop/device) as well as the configuration of your house and any walls/ceilings/HVAC ducts that may block or attenuate the signal. You may need to experiment with placement of the router or add a mesh system if needed. There are signal strength apps available online that will help you do this.
    All things considered, I’m very happy I made the switch. You will too.

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