GoNetspeed Expands Fiber-Optic Network in West Hartford

GoNetspeed service area as of May 7, 2019. Courtesy of GoNetspeed

GoNetspeed began installing its state-of-the-art fiber optic network in the West Hartford area in the spring of 2018, and announced Tuesday that they have expanded the service area to cover 3,000 more West Hartford customers.

By Ronni Newton

A new swath of West Hartford now has additional option for internet service – an option that comes with not only state-of-the-art fiber optics, but also a lifetime price guarantee and consistent and symmetrical upload and download speeds.

GoNetspeed, which last year began the build-out of its high-speed fiber optic network in West Hartford and the West End of Hartford, as well as Bridgeport and New Haven, announced Tuesday that the company has completed the build-out of phase 2, and has nearly doubled coverage for the area.

Tom Perrone, GoNetspeed’s chief operating officer, said he’s very excited to increase the availability of the service to 3,000 more West Hartford customers to the west of the initial coverage area, and the company has aggressive plans to continue expansion in the area to another 5,200 West Hartford and Hartford customers by the end of 2019.

The company wants to build out the whole area contiguously, but has to do it in chunks. If it doesn’t appear that your street is covered based on the map, fill out the form anyway on the website anyway, Perrone advised. Sometimes a home is close enough to get the service, and requests for service will also help guide GoNetspeed for the the next expansion.

Prices are generally much more cost effective than plans offered by the cable companies.

GoNetspeed offers residential customers a starting bandwidth of 150 Mbps (megabits per second) for $50 per month. Additional residential options are 500 Mbps and 1 Gbps (gigabits per second). GoNetspeed plans include a lifetime price guarantee – even if you move within their coverage territory – and no data caps. The company is also waiving its installation fee, typically $100, for all serviceable customers as an introductory offer.

For those who are tech savvy, the prospect of cutting the cord isn’t scary, but many people remain with their bundled packages because they fear a disruption in service, hesitating because they are overwhelmed trying to figure out how they will be able to stream the programs they want to watch.

“It’s really not that hard – and it saves money and offers better service, makes things more enjoyable for the whole family,” accommodating multiple devices without compromising service speed or quality, Perrone said.

Mark LeBlanc, owner of LeBlanc Tech Services, has partnered with GoNetspeed and can assist with many of the perceived “barriers” to cord cutting – and even offers free consultation.

GoNetspeed’s dedicated fiber optic wire connects directly to a home, and potential customers can handle the interior installation themselves, or can have LeBlanc or one of his technicians do it for them. Even “self-installation” includes a 30-minute phone consultation with an IT professional. “Tech support from a real tech,” LeBlanc said.

“They bring it to the house, and I bring it the rest of the way,” said LeBlanc. He offers a variety of packages, outlined on his website, that will allow customers to customize their service and take full advantage of GoNetspeed’s fiber speed and capabilities, which are far superior because of their consistency, he said.

“Sometimes you need your wifi optimized, or relocated,” said LeBlanc.

He also provides options for those not yet in the GoNetspeed coverage area, which will improve existing service that is often taxed by simultaneous use of streaming devices, security systems, and other high tech equipment.

The goal, LeBlanc said, is to have capability that exceeds what you need right now so that you will be ready for the future. “That’s what you want in technology,” he said.

Anyone who has already had LeBlanc set up their wifi is ready to be hooked up to GoNetspeed as soon as it reaches their area. If your home is included in phase 2 and you want to switch, all you need to do is contact him through his website.

LeBlanc also offers advice on needed equipment and available devices streaming services and apps that will ensure you are able to watch your favorite programs, sporting events, and movies. “I started this business to make peoples’ lives easier and better,” he said.

GoNetspeed, a Rochester, NY-based fiber optic internet provider founded in 2017, has now built out more than 14,000 miles of fiber networks across the Northeast – including more than 2,500 route miles in Connecticut – and now serves 14 communities. And although the company itself is still in its infancy, its leaders have decades of experience in the industry.

Founder Frank Chiaino comes from Fibertech Networks, which he founded in the 1990s, and Perrone was with Fibertech for 10 years, most recently as vice president of Network Engineering. GoNetspeed President and CEO Larry Coleman was most recently the president and founder of metro fiber and high bandwith provider Sunesys.

For more information on the company, or to inquire about service for your residence or community, please visit www.gonetspeed.com.

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  • Seems like the cart is before the horse here. I am signed up, have a customer account, solidly in the Phase II area (I think) and yet when I go to schedule an install (since Mr. Perrone announced the completed build out) I get this message:

    “Dear Valued GoNetspeed Customer,
    Thank you for your confidence in choosing GoNetspeed! Unfortunately, delayed access
    to utility poles in your area has forced us to postpone installation dates for Internet
    We apologize for this near-term inconvenience to you. Rest assured we don’t take this
    delay lightly. We’re extremely eager to serve your Internet needs and be an active
    partner in your community. We are actively working to expedite our service to your area
    and it is our intention to have your service installed as quickly as possible. Please look
    for frequent updates from us on progress and resolution as we expect to reschedule
    your installation shortly.
    Again, we sincerely apologize for the delay. Thank you in advance for your time and

    Which is it? Build out complete or delayed access to utility poles?

    • Hi “Wanna Be”! I followed up with GoNetspeed regarding your comment and was told that there is a small portion of the northern part of the orange area that they are still finishing up, but it should be ready for installation by the end of May. As long as you put your email on that form, they should be in touch once it’s ready! ~Ronni

  • Nearly a month has gone by, it is now June 6th (May is long gone) and still no go on the installation. I know it has been raining a lot this year but this seems like a very slow roll for just a “small portion” of wiring. I will hang in there waiting but this doesn’t give me a whole lot of confidence in the company and their ability to deliver Internet service.

  • […] Some very exciting news for those who already have or those who are planning to cut the cord! GoNetspeed, a high-speed fiber optic Internet provider, announced Thursday that it will be expanding its service offering to new West Hartford neighborhoods in the 06117 zip code. The company will begin the expansion in October to the area shown in brown on the map below. “With more than 16 million households already cutting the cord from cable TV packages, GoNetspeed offers fast Internet speeds to power that trend even further,”said Tom Perrone, chief operating officer of GoNetspeed in a news release. “Couple that with our mission to offer the best customer service in the business, and residents of West Hartford finally have an alternative to break away from the cable company for a better product at a lower cost.” The company says it is now available to 20,000 homes and small businesses in West Hartford, and will continue its expansion based on demand and is looking to have 15 percent of homes/businesses in an area register their interest for the expansion to take place. For more information or to indicate interest, click here. For more background information about the company and the service, details are available here. […]

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