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Letter to the Editor: Time for West Hartford to Vote Row B on Election Day

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To West Hartford Neighbors and Friends,

In the past 17 years, the majority party on the Town Council in West Hartford has increased our budget by nearly $150 million. This has caused our property taxes for most homeowners to triple. In fact, in just the past 5 years, our property taxes are up nearly 25%.

The majority party would like you to believe that this was necessary to increase our standard of living in town. But for those of us who have lived in this town for longer than 17 years, we know all too well how little correlated our spending and budget increases have been linked to an increase in town services. The fact is, while our budget has continually increased since the Democrats took over the majority of the town council, we have underfunded obligations, school buildings in disrepair, stagnant to lower home values and reduced town services such as road maintenances and what was once leaf pick up is now a cost to pay for the “brown barrel.” Our town had less taxes and more services and a much better living experience when the Republicans were the majority in our town.

That’s why I am urging all West Hartford voters to support the Republican candidates for Town Council and Board of Education on Election Day, November 5. Their team has viable solutions to tackle our broken budget process and change the “tax and spend” attitude that has neither worked at the state nor the local level. They are well versed to tackle big issues like our upcoming MDC sewer infrastructure problems with a more fiscally responsible mindset.

The current majority party has had an opportunity to lead but has only followed the failed policies of our state. Add to the fact their email scandal last year concerning school opening times and a DUI issue that has still not lead to a resignation and it’s clear the majority party is not working in the best interest of the West Hartford voters. It’s time for a change in leadership.

A compassionate, fiscally conservative team is just what West Hartford needs as we face significant challenges in the future.

Please join me in voting ROW B and supporting the Republican candidates on November 5.

Thank you.

Shawn Daly
West Hartford

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  • Dear Mr Daly, May I add : We spent more time discussing Columbus than the drug problems in this town. Also the drug and crime epidemic of Hartford has spread here . What should be of more importance, having town meetings bringing this to the forefront of our residents, or bringing John Larson here to talk about impeaching Trump? The Democratic Town Committee uses our town as an auditorium to support their friend who has come up empty when it comes to the Leper Colony of Crime that is Hartford. G Bullard West Hartford

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