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A Journey of Authenticity: Thinking … Thinking … Thinking?

Courtesy of Jeannette Dardenne

Experiential stories that revolve around the importance of being authentic to not only yourself but to those around you. After years of never finding the time to ‘stop and smell the roses,’ Jeannette is unearthing many of her passions including writing, fashion, and thrifting through her online blog ‘The Vineyard Life’ – a creative outlet that allows her to share, learn, and grow with others. You can explore more of her stories at @jeannettepdardenne on Instagram or www.myvineyardlife.com.

By Jeannette Dardenne

Some days, don’t you just want to tell yourself … “stop thinking so much… go with your gut… do what feels right!!”

With your partner … can’t decide on what to do … can’t agree on where to go … that darn thinking sometimes creates too much interference.

Talking to a child and reminding them to …

“put on your thinking cap,”

“study hard for that test,”

“think for yourself,”

“don’t fall into peer pressure,” and

“DO NOT go with a stranger if they offer you candy.”

Even now I am confused!

As a business advisor, I tell clients to not overthink the small stuff.

As a friend, I suggest going with your intuition.

As a lifelong entrepreneur  I have learned that positive thinking is important. Harboring on the minute, <my -noot> details will get you nowhere. Be confident in your choices and remember that mistakes are lessons that allow you to grow.

For years I was insecure in my writing abilities. I started and stopped writing a blog for <so many> years. If I told you how much money I have wasted on WordPress you might laugh. <no joke>

I couldn’t pull the proverbial trigger. Didn’t want to open myself up to criticism. Feared the unknown.

And then one day I realized that life was passing by – there were too many things I wanted to share, explore, and learn!

So friends, readers, naysayers:

I am a daughter, sister, aunt, mom, wife, individual, small business owner, and a writer.

Jeannette Punsoni Dardenne is an entrepreneur who started the popular Facebook group @eatinconnecticut – a community forum that connects foodies and the food and beverage industry for delicious conversations. She and her business partner now together run @eatinconnecticut and INGroup Creative – a public relations and marketing company that helps small businesses thrive. Jeannette is also a business advisor at the University of Hartford Entrepreneur Center & Women’s Business Center. When she isn’t helping others, she enjoys exploring the state and beyond with her husband and two children.<

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