Conard High School Recognizes Outstanding Juniors and Seniors on Awards Night

West Hartford’s Conard High School held its annual 11th and 12th grade Awards Night on Wednesday, May 31, 2017.

The following information has been provided by Conard High School.

Alliance Francaise for excellence in French, awarded by an international organization devoted to promoting the study of French language and culture on a worldwide basis. Manuel Da Luz Moscardo De Souza

American Association of Teachers of French Excellence Award to one outstanding female and one outstanding male student of French in each grade. Madison Carr, Thomas Costello, Katherine Kopp, Kevin Le

American Association of Teachers of French Outstanding Senior Medal to an outstanding senior student in French. Josiah Blackwell-Lipkind, Zoe Schaefer

American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese Language Award to an outstanding student of Spanish Language. Miriam Callahan, Leah Dollar, Adriana Nace

American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese Literature Award to an outstanding student of Spanish Literature. Liam Connelly, Nora Dynowski, Emily Miller, Mia Yanosy

American Legion and American Legion Auxiliary Distinguished Achievement School Award to two seniors who display high scholarship and citizenship. Carly Gorman, Ruth Tian

American Legion Boys’ State Representative to two junior boys awarded on the basis of leadership, scholarship, sportsmanship and interest in governmentMalik Brown, Jack Moore

American Legion Laurel Girls’ State Representative to two junior girls awarded on the basis of leadership, scholarship, sportsmanship and interest in government. Grace Andrews, Kaleigh Werner

American Math Competition The AMC 12 is a 25-question, 75-minute, multiple-choice examination in high school mathematics designed to promote the development and enhancement of problem-solving skills. The exam challenges students and offers problem-solving experiences beyond those provided in most upper-level high school mathematics classes. The Conard High School winners, by virtue of their score, are Vinh Kha Le, Yash Nair, Yi Lin Wang

American Psychological Association Book Award to a senior who demonstrates hard work, dedication, and extensive interest in the field of psychology. Madison Carr, Joseph Celio, Andre Costa

Harry Arnini Art Award Harry Arnini was an art teacher at Conard, prior to his retirement several years ago. Because the art awards he received while attending Hartford High School encouraged him to continue to pursue art, he has established this award to go to a senior who has done the most for the school or community through her/his ability and achievement in artwork. Samantha Tran

Art Department Award to an outstanding senior who shows all-around performance in art. Jessica Celella

Band/Jazz Band Music Department Award to a student who demonstrates strong leadership skills, dedication to music making, and a positive presence in and out of the classroom. Hanna Avena, Leah Kelly

Bausch and Lomb Science Medal to a junior with high achievement and rigor in science courses and high PSAT and/or SAT math scores. Yash Nair

Bay Path College Book Award to a female junior who is committed to academics, is in the top 15 percent of her class and has demonstrated an interest in community service. Chloe Toutain

Brandeis Book Award for Social Action and Civic Engagement to a junior of high academic standing who has demonstrated commitment to civic engagement, community service, political activism, social justice or volunteer work. Cole Peterson

Brown University Book Award to a junior who best combines a high degree of ability in English expression, both written and spoken. Leah Dollar

Business Education PTO Award to an outstanding student based on all-around performance in Business Education. Kaylee Bechard, Daniel Manger

CABE (Connecticut Association of Boards of Education) Award to two students who have demonstrated their outstanding leadership through their willingness to take on challenges, capability in making difficult decisions, concern for others, willingness to commit to a project, and diplomacy. Lauren Vitelli, Joseph Wojciechowski

Careers in Foods PTO Award to a student who demonstrates a serious interest in pursuing a degree in the culinary arts or a related field, possesses a high degree of knowledge and skills in the culinary arts, and has consistently demonstrated leadership in the classroom by participating in many school and community catering projects. Julia Bazzano, Melissa McGuinness

Jeffrey Carples Memorial Award Jeffrey Carples, a 1969 graduate of Conard, was Student Government President at both Conard and Princeton University and went on to hold managerial positions with the Office of Mayor of New York and Columbia University. This award, in his honor, goes to a senior who has distinguished herself/himself in student government. Brooks Clement

Mike Carr Sportsmanship Award Michael Carr, Conard Class of 1973, was a talented athlete whose legacy lies in the spirit of sportsmanship he demonstrated so vividly both on and off the field. This award, in his honor, goes to an outstanding senior who exhibits sportsmanship qualities during her/his sport season. Emma Dowd

Child Development PTO Award to an outstanding student based on all-around performance in Child Development. Emily Pavano

Chatham University Rachel Carson Healthy Planet Award to one deserving student who embodies the spirit of Rachel Carson in his or her dedication to sustainability and community development. Kathy Nguyen

Choral Music Department Award to a student who demonstrates strong leadership skills, dedication to music making, and a positive presence in and out of the classroom. Micah Findley, Jordana Graveley

Clarkson University Achievement Award to a junior of high academic standing, who demonstrates strong leadership qualities and positively impacts her high school and community. Nora Policelli

 Clarkson University Leadership Award to a junior who demonstrates outstanding leadership qualities and academic promise. David Giles

Marion F. and Norman Cohen Memorial Award Marion Cohen worked as the Conard Guidance office secretary for over 15 years where her smiling face and willingness to go out of her way to help students and staff was greatly appreciated. She and her husband, Norman Cohen, placed great emphasis on the value of education. They valued the importance of achievement within the classroom and also in finding time to pursue passions, whether in music, community service or sports. Marion and Norman Cohen passed along these values to their own children. Mrs. Cohen also brought these values to her work where she was dedicated to helping Conard students pursue their educational goals. This scholarship, sponsored by the Cohen’s three children, honors their memory and goes to a senior who has demonstrated achievement in their academic and extracurricular pursuits in the areas of music, service to the community or athletics and who plans to continue to fulfill her/his educational goals after high school. Mary Looney

Conard High School Spirit Award to a senior who demonstrates the core values, beliefs, and spirit of the Conard High School community. This award is made possible by donations from the Class of 1996, in memory of classmates Liam Snow, Brienne Francisco, and Tera Jean Molchan. Brendan D’Arcy, Leah Kelly, Jacob Ryor, Madeline Schwartz

Conard Retirees’ Award to a senior who has shown the greatest academic and/or citizenship improvement. Giselle Audain

Connecticut High School Scholar/Athlete Award to one female and one male senior who excel academically, are a varsity letter winner, and have demonstrated exemplary citizenship and leadership. Gwendolyn Geisler, Sam Morgan

Connecticut Society of Certified Public Accountants Award to an outstanding accounting student with a sincere interest in a future career in accounting. Emily Piker

Cornell Club of Greater Hartford Book Award to a junior who has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and is a well-rounded person with community and/or extracurricular involvement. Catherine Ding

Dartmouth Club Book Award to an outstanding junior who displays leadership and academic excellence. Katherine Kopp

Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizenship Award to an outstanding senior who displays leadership, dependability, service and patriotism. Josiah Blackwell-Lipkind

Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation Award The Foundation was established by Fred DeLuca, president of the Subway Restaurant Chain, to help schools and charitable organizations give others a chance to help themselves.This award goes to a senior, with academic achievement and involvement in extracurricular activities, who will be attending an accredited college or university, and who was employed while attending high school. Jeff Remy

Department Supervisors’ Award to a senior for high academic achievement across all disciplines. Shannon Ledwith, Samuel Porcello

Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award in Humanities and Social Science to a junior with outstanding achievement in the humanities and/or social sciences, a demonstrated commitment to understanding and addressing difficult social issues, leadership and a dedication to community action. Anna Baker

Drama Department Acting PTO Award to two seniors who have demonstrated talent and commitment on the stage in theatrical productions. Mary Looney, Nicholas Blue

Drama Department Technical Theatre PTO Award to a senior who has demonstrated talent and commitment behind the scenes of theatrical productions. Mia Fox

Michael Dubay Memorial Award Michael Dubay, a Conard Class of 1988 graduate, was Swim Team Captain, an active member of Student Council, and admired by peers and staff for his good nature and school spirit. This award, in his honor, goes to a male senior who is good-natured, a member of an athletic team, and who exhibits positive school spirit. Emmanuel Adelani

George Eastman Young Leaders Award to a junior with strong leadership at school and in the community, high grades and challenging courses, and extensive involvement in extracurricular activities. Lauren Jacobs

Elmira College Key Award  The Elmira College Key Award, sponsored by the Elmira College Alumni Association, has been awarded to fine students since 1935. An award of merit, the Key Award is presented to outstanding girls and boys in their junior year of high school, in recognition of their scholarship and school and community leadership. Charlotte Novak, Jared Reisner

English Department Creative Writing Award to a senior who demonstrates outstanding ability in creative writing as evidenced by school, state, and/or national recognition. Elizabeth Quinn

English Department PTO Award to a senior who has shown excellence in performance. Josiah Blackwell-Lipkind

English as a Second Language Department Award to an ESOL student who demonstrates excellent effort and a positive attitude. Phuong Nguyen

English as a Second Language PTO Award to an outstanding student, based on all-around performance in English as a Second Language. Chuong Nguyen, Ronglin Zhang

Exchange Club Youth of the Year Award to a senior who displays superior qualities of leadership, scholarship, athletic ability, industry and a demonstrated commitment of service to high school or community. Lauren Kumpa

Faculty Scholarship Award – “Dress Down for a Senior” to a senior who has made significant improvements socially and/or academically during her/his time here at Conard and who is continuing her/his education at an accredited institution of higher learning. Anevay Callas, Michelle Pettigrew, Rebecca Ramos, Autumn Spence

Lawrence F. Fagan Sr. Memorial Scholarship Lawrence F. Fagan Sr. attended Hall High School until the age of 17, when he left school to join the Navy during World War II. Upon completion of his tour, he returned to West Hartford and graduated from Hall in 1947. Not long after, in December 1950, the newly-wedded Mr. Fagan was called once again to serve in the Korean War. Upon completion of his military service, Mr. Fagan and his wife Aline raised their five children in West Hartford, where they were lifelong residents. This scholarship, in his honor, goes to a graduating senior who is enlisting in the military or enrolling in ROTC in college, who shows strong moral character, is civic minded, and ready to meet the challenge that a military career offers. Nora Dynowski

Fairfield University Book Award to a junior who has achieved academically, is actively involved in school and/or community activities, and possesses leadership qualities coupled with a sense of concern and responsibility for others. Max Schweitzer

Kira M. Fischer Memorial Arts Award Kira M. Fischer (1981-2002, Conard Class of 1999) was a talented artist pursuing a career in filmmaking. She was also an excellent student and a person who had a profound influence on the people who knew her. This award, which her family hopes will continue that influence by enabling other artists to achieve their dreams, goes to a unique senior who has a passion for art, and plans to major in and pursue a career in visual art. Paris Phillips

Furman Scholars to a junior who immerses themselves in academics with a desire to know, to challenge, to connect and to contribute to the campus community. Delina Bartolomei, Lila Bell, Sarah Burgdorff, Jimith James, Raymond Ma, Nicholas Magliochetti, Jake Nichols, Douglas Olmstead, Anaida Ruiz, Michael Schneider

Gettysburg College Book Award to a junior who has achieved academically, has distinguished herself/himself in the study   of American History, and who demonstrates a dedication to scholarship. Elizabeth Phillips

Lys Gionfriddo Memorial Award Lys Gionfriddo worked as an administrative assistant at Conard for over nine years. Even during her yearlong battle with cancer, she exemplified spirit, courage, and happiness throughout the school and in her personal life. She never stopped believing and truly affected those around her. This award, in her honor, goes to a senior who has shown the same positive attitude, compassion toward others and a desire to pursue a career in the medical professions. Faith Haverty

Jennifer R. Hamilton Graphics Arts Scholarship Award Jennifer Hamilton, a member of the Conard Class of 2005, had hoped to pursue a graphic arts major in college. While at Conard, she participated in athletics, student government and community service activities. Jenny’s independent spirit and genuine attitude of caring, friendship, and loyalty has left a profound legacy within the Conard community. This award, established in her honor, goes to two seniors planning to pursue a college education, with a demonstrated talent and interest in the field of graphic arts, who have made a positive contribution to the school and community. Jorge Delgado, Declan O’Brien

Hartford Society of Women Engineers to an outstanding junior boy and girl who has three years of excellent achievement in mathematics and science and who is involved in school and community. Zarin Ehsani, Jack Moore

Harvard Book Award to an outstanding junior who combines excellence in scholarship and high character with achievements in other fields. Yash Nair

Roszena Haskins Spirit of Community Award This award, established by the staff of Conard High, is in grateful appreciation of the contributions made to the school and community by Roszena Haskins during her time at Conard. Mrs. Haskins is admired and respected for her dedication to students and staff and has always been known as an active advocate for students and their families. This award, in her honor, goes to a senior who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to philanthropy through community service and volunteerism and who has made a significant and positive difference in the school, community and/or in the lives of others. Paige Pierce

High Point University Scholars Program to a junior with high academic achievement, demonstrated leadership, and involvement in extracurricular activities. Frances McPherson, Maeve O’Shea, Manjot Singh, Brandon Thai, Robin Zheng

Jennifer Hodges Memorial Scholarship Jennifer Hodges, who graduated from Conard in 1977, was bright, highly motivated, and hard-working. Her positive energy was surpassed only by her ever present smile. A respected student-athlete, she captained both the cross country and track teams in her senior year. Passionate about her nursing career, she was among the very first to be selected as a member of the specially trained Hartford Life Star helicopter team where she served as a flight nurse. Tragically, in June of 1992, the Life Star helicopter crashed attempted to land at an accident scene. Jenny, the assistant chief flight nurse, was killed at age 32. This award, in her honor, goes to a senior who is planning to pursue a career in nursing. Michaela Christie, Deborah Kim

Holy Cross Book Award to a junior based on scholarship, sincere concern for others, and a responsible attitude in all of her/his endeavors. Elizabeth McMahon

Mimi Hostetter European History Book Award Mimi Hostetter started teaching Social Studies in West Hartford in the 1960s. She was an integral part of the Conard community for almost 30 years until she retired in 2009. In her capacity as a history teacher, advisor to the Student Council and Mock Trial Team, and a mentor for many students, Mimi’s enthusiasm for history and dedication to Conard students was evident. Mimi loved teaching Ancient History, particularly of Greece and Rome, and Modern European History. She often led students in independent studies and encouraged them to follow their intellectual passions. This award, in her honor, goes to a junior student of European History and/or the Classics who exhibits the traits that Mimi Hostetter values in her work and her life, which include a love of European History and/or the classics, intellectual curiosity, and substantial contributions to the Conard community. Elizabeth Phillips

Jerry’s Artarama Art Award to art students who have shown a commitment to the fine arts. Mya Concepcion, Magdelena Grabber

Samuel Leonard Joseph Memorial Scholarship Sam Joseph was a West Hartford student who attended Bugbee, Bristow, and Sedgwick, who sadly took his life in 2008, just shy of finishing 8th grade. Sam is remembered for his engaging personality, bright smile, and can-do attitude. Last year, Sam’s sisters, both Conard graduates, converted “Sam’s Memorial Fund” to a Scholarship Fund that will help teenagers with their future aspirations. This year’s awards – the first ones to be given – are going to one senior from Hall and one senior from Conard who have post-high school education plans. Both of these awardees have demonstrated impressive academic progress, commitment to their schools and community, and that when they set their minds to their goals, there is no stopping them. Rishai McDermott

Lieutenant Colonel (retired) Harold “Hal” Kevorkian Award  LTC Hal Kevorkian, retired from the U.S. Army Military Police Corps after 25 years of service, worked as a security officer at Conard High School for 18 years. In 2012, he completed 50 years of work in public safety (firefighting, police work, and emergency medical services as an EMT). During his years at Conard, LTC Kevorkian was dedicated to the safety of students and staff and always had a welcoming word for anyone entering the doors of Conard High. This award, in his honor, goes to a senior who plans to enter a branch of the military upon graduation or pursue a career in public safety, law enforcement or criminal justice, is good-natured, friendly and demonstrates a genuine concern for others. Jack Paulus

Kleinman/O’Toole Award Harry Kleinman served as Chair of the West Hartford Democratic Town Committee for several years and was involved in local politics for over 40 years. He and his wife, Ruth, were very involved in many community activities. Moraith Marra-O’Toole was a former Democratic Town Committee Chairman and an activist for peace. Additionally, she served her community through her work as nurse. She was a very giving person who often took people experiencing difficulties into her own home. This award, in their honor and sponsored by the West Hartford Democratic Town Committee, goes to a senior who has shown outstanding academic achievement and community service. Adam Giroux, Olivia Starr

Ray Lachat Memorial Award Ray Lachat was a popular mathematics teacher at Conard who always tried to bring out the best in his students. This award, in his honor, goes to a senior who demonstrates a strong desire to learn, has achieved academically to her/his capabilities, has post-secondary education goals that she/he intends to pursue in the next academic year, has a reputation for friendliness and hard work, and has demonstrated sensitivity for the rights and feelings of others. Clare McCrudden

Chuck Landroche PTO Award Chuck Landroche was the Principal at Conard from 1998-2007. Mr. Landroche was a strong advocate for all students, believing that each and every one could be successful. He was a role model for all in his demonstration of perseverance, dedication, and discipline. Mr. Landroche was also known for being a regular presence at school activities so that he could see students for more than their academic achievements. This award goes to a senior who has a reputation for the same kind of friendliness and hard work Mr. Landroche demonstrated on a daily basis, who has achieved academically to his/her capabilities, and has made a positive contribution to Conard and/or the community. Hugo Barrillon

Priscilla Lane Nursing Scholarship Priscilla Denton Lane was an active member of the West Hartford community, where she and her husband Bruce raised their three children, who are all Conard graduates. Priscilla also worked as a school nurse for many years at West Hartford Public Schools: Conard, Whiting Lane, Braeburn, and Bugbee until her retirement. Students will remember her calm and reassuring presence in their school. She was an involved parent and an active community member and volunteer. Her example of love, dedication and compassionate care is her legacy. This award, in her honor, goes to Conard seniors who exemplify these qualities and who will pursue a career in nursing. Danielle Beaumier, Emily Cullina

Lucio Lefante Academic Scholarship to one Conard senior who has demonstrated academic talent. This student must have extraordinary commitment to academic achievement and dedication to learning beyond the books, with a desire to expand learning beyond the classroom or traditional learning. Additionally, this student should be an encouraging leader to peers, willing to help others in the pursuit of academic success. ​Gary Battle

Lucio Lefante Athletic Scholarship to one Conard senior who is an exemplary student athlete. This individual must consistently exhibit athletic and academic commitment. Such a player must show team-focus, unselfish playing, and superior character and sportsmanship. Above all else, this person must play without ego, as there was nothing that irked Lucio more than a player with more talk than action. ​Athletic achievement does not mean the sacrifice of academics, and this person must embody the term “student athlete.” Emily Cullina

Lucio Lefante Benevolence Scholarship to recognize a Conard senior student for their extraordinary goodwill. This person has made doing well by others a priority, and consistently goes the extra mile for people around them. Such a person must demonstrate selflessness in their actions. Despite any challenges they may face, this student makes the best of any opportunity with a positive attitude and demonstrable effort. Emma Oriol

Peter Letizia Scholarship Essay Recipient Pete Letizia was a United States History teacher at Sedgwick Middle School. His love of history and his desire to inspire his students to love history led him to design experiences that required students to think creatively about content and synthesize ideas from various moments in time. This scholarship is awarded to a to honor a student, in Mr. Letizia’s name, who demonstrates an ability to think creatively about history. Ajay Varghese

Librarian’s Appreciation Award to a senior who has made a positive contribution to the library environment, has shown an interest in discovering and exploring information resources, and has demonstrated the kind of curiosity that turns students into lifelong learners. Melissa McGuinness, Nathan Rodrigues   

The Dr. Karen L. List Global Ambassador Award is given by Hello! West Hartford, an organization that connects the community through language. The award recognizes one student at Conard who promotes or embraces the West Hartford global community. Hello! West Hartford believes the future depends on students continuing to welcome all cultures and embracing the global community in which we live. Grace Andrews

Officer Looby PTO Certificate Officer John Looby, a Community Relations Officer for the West Hartford Police Department, was well-known and well-liked by students and staff in all the town’s schools as he presented programs to all ages on safety issues. This award, in his honor, goes to a student who exemplifies those qualities reflected and taught by Officer Looby which include being friendly, loyal, innovative, sensitive and caring. Haley Guidotti                                                     

Peter Luke Humanitarian Award Peter Luke was a graduate of the Conard Class of 1994. This award, in his honor, goes to a student who shows respect for fellow students and for diversity in human beings. Jonathan Lagoy

Gloria A. Maloney Scholarship Award Gloria Maloney was a dedicated West Hartford Public School Nurse and Central Nurse for 19 years. Her seven children and 15 of her 22 grandchildren will graduate from Conard High, the last one in 2023. This award, which her children established in her honor on her 80th birthday, goes to a senior with a love of learning, who is caring and compassionate, especially with children, is a good friend to others, and who plans to pursue a career in the healthcare professions, with preference given to a career in nursing. Monet Carter

Dr. David Manning Award Dr. David Manning, during his tenure as teacher and administrator at Conard, brought to   his profession integrity, good humor, a love of history, and devotion to the school community. This award, in his honor, goes to a senior who has had a positive influence on fellow students; works to her/his full academic potential; demonstrates a love of history; and exemplifies the best of Conard. Mugdha Gurram

Sam Martin Memorial Award Sam Martin was a longtime English teacher at Conard who exemplified the highest degree of scholarship, learning, and compassion. This award, in his honor, goes to a senior who has shown the highest degree of scholarship and dedication to learning in her/his four years at Conard. Liam Connelly

LTC. Michael McMahon Memorial Award LTC. Michael McMahon, Conard Class of 1981 and West Point Class of 1985, was a talented athlete, exemplary leader, devoted family man and involved community member. He possessed these qualities throughout his life including during his years at Conard. He was a career army officer and helicopter pilot who died in a plane crash in Afghanistan in 2004 while serving his country. This award, in his honor, goes to a senior who exemplifies the traits that LTC. McMahon valued in his life and work which include strong leadership and athletic abilities, strong character and a positive attitude, integrity, academic achievement, reputation for friendliness and compassion toward others, and active involvement in Conard and the community. John Gibbons

Michael’s Jewelers Citizenship Recognition Award to one male and one female junior who combine scholarship, positive social behavior, and involvement in school-sponsored activities that have benefited other students and/or the community. Alyssa Alford, Kyle Armstrong       

Mount Holyoke Book Award to a junior girl on the basis of scholarship and citizenship. Shannon Truong

Douglas J. Myers Scholarship Award Douglas J. Myers, a member of Conard’s Class of 2002, taught those around him to cherish friendships, value life and what each of us may bring to this life. His resolve and courage in his battle with cancer, that ended his life at the completion of his junior year, was remarkable. This award, in his honor, goes to a senior who has demonstrated compassion toward others, a high caliber of citizenship through participation in either the Conard High community and/or the Town of West Hartford community, humility, a love of the outdoors and is a team player. Hannah Avena

The National Merit® Scholarship Program is an academic competition for recognition and scholarships. High school students enter the National Merit Program by taking the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT®) and by meeting published program entry and participation requirements. The following students received recognition on the basis of their scores.

National Merit Scholarship Program 2017 Commended Students to students who took the PSAT/NMSQT in October of their junior year and are among the top 50,000 scorers of the test. Samuel Benet, Josiah Blackwell-Lipkind, Zoe Buntz, Liam Connelly, Thomas Costello, Mugdha Gurram, Bryce Halter, Leah Kelly, Vinh-Kha Le, Sam Morgan, Khanhvy Nguyen, Steven Olechna, Samuel Porcello, Emily Senecal, Ruth Tian

National Merit Scholarship Program 2017 Finalist to students who took the PSAT/NMSQT in October of their junior year and are among the top 15,000 scorers of the testMichael Piekarsky              

National Merit Scholarship Program 2017 Recipient to finalists in each state judged to have the strongest combination of accomplishments, skills, and potential for success in rigorous college studies. Yi Lin Wang

National Center for Women & Engineering Technology Aspirations in Computing Award Local Winners to high school women who are active and interested in computing and technology with technical skills and/or potential. Rachel Hennessey, Khanhvy Nguyen, Elizabeth Sagers

2017 National Hispanic Recognition Program Recipientto a student who took the PSAT/NMSQT in October of her junior year, is at least one-quarter Hispanic/Latino, achieved the minimum required score on the PSAT/NMSQT, and earned a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher by the middle of junior year. Timothy Kyle

Northeast Conference Award for Excellence in Foreign Language awarded to the most deserving students in the highest level of a language. Ancient Greek– Samuel Benet, Alexander Floyd; Chinese– Thomas Hoong; French– Sofia Maricevic, Spandan Rath, Maryonna Shamonei; Latin– Sam Morgan, Nicole Souza; Spanish– Anna Baker, Emily Senecal

Oberlin College Book Award for Achievement in the Arts to an exceptional junior who has shown a commitment to the arts through school involvement and the local community. Sofi Andrews

Orchestra Music Department Award to a student who demonstrates strong leadership skills, dedication to music making, and is a positive presence in and out of the classroom. Kevin Chen, Yi Lin Wang

Overall Academic Improvement PTO Award to an outstanding student, based on all-around performance, who has overcome difficulties or obstacles. Roxanne DeJesus, William Perez, Rebecca Ramos, Sebastian Suarez

Carl P. Palazzotto P.M.A. Scholarship Award Carl Palazzotto taught for 23 years and coached cross-country and track for 14 years in the West Hartford Public Schools. He was renowned for his “P.M.A.” (Positive Mental Attitude) philosophy in directing his athletes. This award, in his honor, goes to a senior student-athlete who consistently exhibits a positive mental attitude and demonstrates the ability to inspire “P.M.A.” in other students, has a track record of athletic and academic success and best exemplifies the qualities that “Coach P” demonstrated in his daily life. Preference may be given to students who participate in cross-country and/or track. Emma Oriol

Mary Ann Papa Award Mary Ann Papa began work in the West Hartford Public Schools in 1965 as a mathematics teacher and continued until 2000 when she retired from Conard as Mathematics Department Supervisor and BC Calculus teacher. Her legacy is one of dedication to students and staff, enthusiasm for learning, and commitment to excellence. This award, in her honor, goes to a senior with a GPA of 3.5 or higher, who excels in math but also displays interest in other disciplines; exhibits a genuine interest in learning; displays a sincere concern for peers; and contributes to the classroom environment through good citizenship. Andre Costa, Jordana Graveley, Vinh Kha Le, Jeff Remy

PEO Sisterhood Chapter D Scholarship The Philanthropic Education Organization Chapter D Scholarship is awarded to a deserving female senior of high academic standing and leadership qualities who is well respected in the community. Emily Miller

Brayden Pharrell Award Brayden Pharrell is the son of a Conard graduate, Class of 1985. This award goes to an      outstanding African American college-bound senior who has been a true “model citizen” in and out of the classroom, who works to her/his potential academically and demonstrates cultural sensitivity and awareness, promoting African American pride while remaining committed to the ideal of a diverse yet unified Conard student body. Micah Findley

Physical Education Department PTO Award to two outstanding seniors based on their great effort and achievement in physical education, and for their many contributions that make such a positive difference to all those around them. Luis Cosme, Catherine Trotter

Princeton Association of Central Connecticut to a junior with high honor roll standing and a commitment to learning beyond class requirements, good character, community service outside of school, and an outstanding contribution to some school extra-curricular activity. Zarin Ehsani

Principal’s Scholar Award to a junior with high academic achievement in a challenging program of studies, with significant extra-curricular involvement, who is deserving of recognition. Keith Beadle, Anne Bugos, Danielle Clymer, Eleanor Duva, Mikaela Fisher, Gillian Haverty, Alexander Kim, Anna Patterson, Lena Proietti, Matthew Remigino, Emma Soucy

Principal’s Scholar Award to a senior with high academic achievement in a challenging program of studies, with significant extra-curricular involvement, who is deserving of recognition. Asim Atreya, Zoe Buntz, Rosa-Maria Diez, Tyler Donoghue, Caitlin Dorsey, Gwendolyn Geisler, Bryce Halter, Grace Hardesty, Chloe Henninger, Henry Kneidel, Connie Liu, Rebecca Maher, Steven Olechna, Michael Piekarsky, Andrew Placzek, Alyssa Roach

Prudential Spirit of Community President’s Volunteer Service Award to a student who has volunteered significant amounts of their time to serve their community and their country. Thomas Grady    

Randolph College Book Award to a junior who is academically strong and possesses leadership potential. Robert Williams

Rensselaer Medal to a junior in the top 10 percent of the class who excels in advanced math and science courses, demonstrates potential for success in a challenging academic setting and is involved in extracurricular activities. Catherine Ding

Rhode Island School of Design Art Award to the most outstanding senior in the visual arts. Naija Sisco

Rochester Institute of Technology Computing Medal to a male and female junior, in the top 10 % of the class, who have demonstrated leadership in school and/or community activities and an interest and ability in the field of computing. Alexander Chernysh, Maya Flores

Rochester Institute of Technology Innovation and Creativity Award to a male and female junior, in the top 10% of the class, who have demonstrated leadership in school and/or community activities and an interest and ability in the field of computing. Nadia Son, Christopher Stimson

Rotary Club Award to a senior who best demonstrates the Rotary ideal of “Service Above Self” – to the school, to the community, and to the world. Leah Kelly

Saint Anselm College Book Award to a junior who has demonstrated academic success and exceptional leadership qualities in the area of civic engagement; possesses strong character and plans on continued education. Thomas Hoong         

Saint Michael’s College Book Award to a female and a male junior who are inductees of the National Honor Society (or equivalent honors organization) and who have demonstrated a sustained and sincere commitment to community service activities through school or community organizations. Jamie Kurowski, Daniel Manger

Frank and Emiline Scheehl Memorial Scholarship to a senior with academic achievement and citizenship. Madison Carr, Syed Jawad Kaleem, Michael Lee, Charles Murray, Bryant Thai, Jason Thai, Kenneth Thai, Sami Yonjan Lama

Secretary of the State’s Citizenship Award to a senior based on academics, community involvement, leadership, and personal achievements. Hannah Beazoglou

Senior Recognition Award to a male senior who has demonstrated a genuine interest in the subject areas of the classics, economics and/or history. Alexander Krason

Adam Smith Book Award to an AP Economics student who passionately delves into the many facets of economics while performing at a very high level in the course. Thomas Costello

Smith College Club Book Award to an outstanding junior girl on the basis of academic achievement, leadership qualities, and concern for others. Clare Majewski

Social Studies Citizenship Service Award to a senior who exemplifies the ideal of public service to the local community, through volunteer activities. Paige Pierce

Social Studies Department PTO Award to an outstanding student who shows all-around performance in Social Studies. Alanna Uthgenannt

Spanish Speakers’ Award to a junior or senior whose first language is Spanish and who serves as a role model for other students in Spanish class by demonstrating a strong work ethic, high personal expectations and high academic achievement. Michelle Cardona, Luis Cosme, Melanie Roca, Anaida Ruiz

Spanish Teachers’ Award to a junior or senior, for whom Spanish is not her/his first language, who has shown an      extraordinary interest in and enthusiasm for learning Spanish; has achieved strong           language skills, particularly speaking; and who has also shown a genuine interest in Spanish culture by making it a part of her/his everyday life. Alejandro Held, Andrew Walsh

Springfield College Book Award to a junior who has demonstrated an exemplary record of service to the school and community-at-large. Rebekah Kim

Student Recognition Award to a student who has maintained a positive attitude, achieved academically to her/his best capability, and demonstrated involvement in school and community activities. Cale Barlow, Kevin Busey

Studio Art PTO Award to an outstanding student based on all-around performance in studio art. Jared Brown, Zoe Pierce

Technology & Engineering Department PTO Award to an outstanding senior student in Technology Education. Tyler O’Connor

Trinity Club of Hartford Book Award to an outstanding junior for scholastic standing and service to the school. Katia Araya

United Bank Foundation Academic Scholarship Program to a senior interested in pursuing business who has exhibited strong academic performance and have been active in community and extracurricular activities. Jonathan Aguilera

United States Coast Guard Academy Appointment Applicants to the USCGA undergo a rigorous application process and are selected based on excellence in academics, athletics and in leadership roles. Accepted students commit to attending college in a military training environment and to a four year commitment to active duty as an officer in the United States Coast Guard. Ruth Tian

United States Naval Academy Appointment Applicants to the USNA undergo a rigorous application process and are selected based on excellence in academics, athletics and in leadership roles. Accepted students commit to attending college in a military training environment and to a four year commitment to active duty as an officer in the United States Navy. Thomas Costello

Unique Vision Award to a student pushing the boundaries of creative expression. Claudia Dijmarescu

University of Pennsylvania Book Award to a junior who best exemplifies the characteristics of scholar, innovator, and community servant. Chris Nguyen

University of Virginia Jefferson Book Award to a junior whom best represents the Jeffersonian ideals of scholarship, leadership and citizenship. Camille Wimpe

Harold & Phyllis Van Horn Foundation Scholarship Harold and Phyllis Van Horn lived in the West Hartford community for over 50 years. Harold was a structural steel worker and Phyllis was a sales clerk at a gift shop. The couple did not have any children of their own and they lived a modest lifestyle. Phyllis Van Horn created the Harold & Phyllis Van Horn Foundation to fund college scholarship for West Hartford residents. This is awarded to an outstanding senior ranked in the top 20% of the class who clearly demonstrates leadership in academics and community involvement. Hugo Barrillon

Vassar College Book Award to an outstanding junior who demonstrates intellectual honesty, curiosity and excellence in scholarship. Rachel Hennessey

Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship to a graduating high school student throughout the United States who has promoted vegetarianism in their schools and/or communities. Leah Kelly

John P. Webster Library Alternative High School Book Award to a junior or senior at REACH who has grown positively both academically and personally. Anevay Callas

Wellesley College Book Award to an outstanding junior girl who has demonstrated intellectual curiosity and excellence in scholarship. Sofia Maricevic

Wesleyan University Book Award to a junior who excels at a rigorous course of study that includes courses at the most advanced level, demonstrates independent thought and creative thinking and shows extracurricular and/or community involvement, leadership, or commitment to the artsKevin Le

West Hartford Scholarship Fund to a senior who demonstrates good citizenship and scholastic ability. Allison Gilson, Syed Jawad Kaleem

West Hartford Women’s Chorale Scholarship The mission of West Hartford Women’s Chorale is to enrich the cultural life of this community and to support music education. Each year, a $1000 scholarship is provided to a graduating senior who has been involved with the music program throughout high school and plans to continue music involvement in their future. Caitlyn Krueger

Dr. Tracey Wilson Peace and Justice Award to a senior who has made significant contributions to building understanding among different peoples, and who has furthered the cause of social justice. Romaine Sassou

Ashleigh Delia Woodfield Memorial Scholarship Award Ashleigh Delia Woodfield, Class of 2005, was always trying to make a difference no matter how small or great. As a junior she was recognized, on the national level, for her outstanding personal, school and community achievements and, on the regional level, for her boundless compassion and education of others. Her natural generosity, spontaneous energy and ability to articulate her heart’s desire made her an exceptional human being. This award, in her honor, goes to a junior who best emulates her passion and actively demonstrates a genuine concern and compassion for others. Jesenia Maldonado, Maeve O’Shea, Jenna Westfall

Woodfield Family Choral Award Cross (Conard class of ‘02), Ashleigh (‘05) and Kolby (‘09) all had the privilege of participating in Conard’s choirs and honors program. Their family believes it is this participation that complemented their efforts in the classroom and most benefitted them in their extracurricular activities. Their commitment to all aspects of singing and performing provided much joy and ultimately gave them confidence to succeed in other endeavors. It is with gratitude that their parents present this award to a choral student who has shown exceptional devotion and a tireless work ethic to Conard’s choral program. Zoe Schaefer

World Language Department PTO Award to an outstanding senior student in World Language. Gretchen Hambrecht

Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology to a junior with a high level of achievement and a strong interest in innovation and/or information technology Benjamin Ratchford

Yale Club Book Award to a junior, who has achieved academically and has demonstrated qualities of leadership,    effective teamwork and organizational abilities through participation in extracurricular            activities in school or the community. Jack Moore

YWCA New Britain Women in Leadership Award to a student who demonstrates exceptional and superior abilities and accomplishments as a pioneer, innovator, leader and/or role model within an educational institution. Allison Gilson

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