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Duncaster Residents Receive COVID-19 Vaccine

Former West Hartford residents Skip and Jo Sly received their COVID-19 vaccine. Courtesy photo

Duncaster, which is now home to many former West Hartford residents, was one of the first independent living communities in the state to host a vaccination clinic for its residents.

Sara Cole received her COVID-19 vaccine. Courtesy photo


The arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine at Duncaster last week created a good deal of excitement as it was one of the first independent living communities in Connecticut to gain access to this precious life-saving vaccine for residents and staff. Duncaster is eager do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19 in Connecticut. We are confident in its safety and efficacy, and look forward to protecting ourselves and each other by getting vaccinated.

Duncaster’s President and CEO Michael O’Brien had this to say, “I am thrilled that residents and employees are getting the vaccine. These ‘vials of hope’ bring the promise of getting rid of the virus that has disrupted our lives, created great uncertainty and caused so much heartache. Every one of us at Duncaster knows that this vaccine offers our very best chance of saving lives by protecting ourselves, our families, our residents and everyone around us.”

Just over 250 doses were safely administered with no adverse reactions reported. “When we factor in all the skilled nursing residents and staff who received their second dose yesterday, over 525 people were vaccinated at Duncaster this past weekend,” said Lisa Greene, VP of Sales and Marketing.

Among the first independent living residents to be vaccinated were longtime West Hartford residents Susan Aller, Sara Cole, and David and Sara Carson. The first vaccine of the day was administered to Dr. Lawrence Rothfield, Former Chair, Department of Microbiology, and founding faculty of UConn Medical School. Dr. Rothfield was a Microbiology researcher for 50 years and is a Professor Emeritus of Molecular Biology and Biophysics at UConn Medical School.

“I know some people are worried about taking the vaccine, but the data are very clear,” Rothfield said. “This vaccine is remarkably successful in protecting against serious life-threatening disease. It’s also clear that significant side-effects are extremely rare. Everyone should be vaccinated unless his/her physician advises against it. This will protect the vaccinated individual from contracting COVID-19 and prevent the further spread of this deadly disease. For the first time since the pandemic began, we have a reason to be optimistic. If, for example, 85-90% of West Hartford residents chose to be vaccinated, the disease should then begin to be increasingly well contained within the community.”

At times like these when we are discouraged from gathering, it is even more important to do things that make us feel like we are part of a caring community.

Throughout the pandemic, Duncaster residents have received support that has enabled them to continue to thrive while staying safe at home. The benefits of community living at Duncaster at this time are many, including the safe home delivery of meals, puzzles, mail and library materials, access to streaming wellness and adult education classes, and even calls from staff buddies who check-in on emotional wellbeing. Residents also appreciate having easy access to products that can sometimes be difficult to obtain in stores, but that Duncaster sources on their behalf, such as disinfecting wipes and sprays, face masks, hand sanitizers and even toilet paper.

At Duncaster we are excited and proud to be able to protect each other and the broader community by receiving the vaccine. For more information about Duncaster contact Lisa Greene at 860-380-5005.

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Former West Hartford resident Susan Aller received her COVID-19 vaccine. Courtesy photo

Dr. Lawrence Rothfield received his COVID-19 vaccine. Courtesy photo

David Carson received his COVID-19 vaccine. Courtesy photo

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