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Episode no. 21: Experience We-Ha Podcast with Snarky Shark – Weha enemies and distant cousins


Have you seen these shark magnets on cars around West Hartford? Photo credit: Ronni Newton

Do you know the person behind the curtain of the locally famous (and universally hilarious) Facebook group, Weha enemies and distant cousins? Jeff and Ryan had a unique opportunity to sit down with Snarky Shark, founder of the satirical group that has attracted more than 3,000 local members. Part of the fun of the group is that no one really knows WHO the Shark is – so as you’ll hear in the podcast audio, we disguised voices to protect the identity and keep the mystery going.

In this episode, we learn about why the page was created, the story behind the Shark, hear about the famous (or perhaps more aptly called infamous) scavenger hunts and other events, and provide a glimpse into this “outlet” from the more serious side of things in and around West Hartford.

Check out the Weha enemies and distant cousins Facebook group and get ready to laugh!

Episode Chapters

0:00 – Intro/The Shark

2:00 – About Weha enemies and distant cousins

3:35 – The role of the Shark and where did the “Shark” name come from?

4:46 – What’s with the emojis?

5:40 – Most memorable posts (ice cream and raking leaves)

11:00 – Starting “fights”

12:43 – Group events

14:52 – The Shark reveal?

17:15 – Shark pups

19:00 – A hint?

20:05 – Thoughts on West Hartford as a community?

21:40 – How can I get a magnet?

24:00 – The Shark’s favorite WeHa dish

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