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LCR Design: Making An Entrance

The entryway to Peter Robbin's home expresses his individuality. Submitted photo.

Let your home’s interior reflect who you really are.

Submitted by Robin Jones, LCR Design, West Hartford

What makes a house a home? What makes interior decoration become interior decoration? Its YOU!

The thing that makes you different from every other person on this planet is your style, your interests, the way you speak, walk, laugh and relate to the world around you. Whatever it is that gets you out of bed in the morning and propels you through your day makes you unique and special.

So why settle for the same old same old in your interiors?

When putting together your interiors let those special things about YOU come out and shine!

The entryway to Peter Robbin's home expresses his individuality. Submitted photo.

The entryway to Peter Robbin’s home expresses his individuality. Submitted photo.


I love how this shot of LCR owner and lead designer Peter Robbin’s entrance foyer speaks to his individuality and taste. The eclectic layering of textures, finishes, forms and origins speaks volumes about the gentle and sophisticated man who lives here.

Starting with the walls, covered in the most sumptuous handmade tea paper in varying shades of silver and platinum, Peter has created a quiet and soothing backdrop for this wonderful arrangement of objet. To give weight to the scene he has placed a classically styled chest finished in hand painted faux bamboo as a stage for belongings, as well as a spot to throw the mail and keys when he comes home after a day of creativity.

What stands out to me in this tableau is the MIX! The terracotta figure of a man in Asian garb as a lamp says “classic tradition,” while the limited-edition vase in black and white says “avant garde.” The wire dress form says “fun” next to the alabaster grapes that speak to “scale.” The central placement and strength of the contemporary painting lets the viewer know that art is important to this homeowner.

What he has done to so masterfully relate these disparate pieces to one another is the simple use of the color, black and white, and red. Despite the varying origins and surfaces this beautiful tablescape is balanced, harmonious and most importantly personal.

So remember that when you are striving to create beauty in your home look in the mirror for the answer as to where to start. It is within each of you to create what will speak to you personally and to let those privileged enough to enter your space know a bit more about you.


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