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Letter to the Editor: Legislators Voted Against Damaging Budget

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Dear Editor:

This is a Reply to Letter to the Editor: “Republican Budget that passed legislature restored funding to West Hartford.”

There’s one big problem with Robert Levine’s comments about the Republican state budget.  Once again you have another naysayer who has clearly not read the proposal.  Then again, neither did most of the legislators who voted for it.

For all the partisan rhetoric, the reality is, all this proposal does is slap a wad of gum over a large fiscal hole that needs to be repaired not patched. This Republican budget only offers another big state financial deficit because it is so far out of balance. It reminds me of how we got into this fiscal problem to begin with (15 years of Republican fiscal irresponsibility).  This proposal is far from rescuing West Hartford, it puts us even more at risk (if approved) every year going forward.

Whether it’s Republicans or Democrats, the last thing we need is another state budget that is hugely out of balance from day one.

Mr. Levine is correct about one thing, that when I ask myself the question “how did our State Representatives and State Senator vote on the budget that passed”. The answer is they all voted against it, this is because they read the proposal, and saw how damaging it is!

Quoting Mr. Levine:

“Our Democratic Mayor and majority town councilors have been saying for months that they have been in frequent contact with all of our State Representatives and that we could be assured that they were going to fight for West Hartford, that they would ensure fair funding levels for our town”.  This is true because our local majority leaders have made contingency plans to adjust for possible short falls in state funding, and worst case scenario. It is too bad that our minority representation couldn’t have the forethought to support a contingency plan that keeps West Hartford safe!


Bob Facey
West Hartford

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