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Man Hospitalized after Dog Attack in West Hartford

Photo credit: Ronni Newton

An elderly man visiting a residence on Iroquois Road was seriously injured after being attacked by a dog Monday.

By Ronni Newton

A dog that escaped from a residence on Iroquois Road in West Hartford Monday evening repeatedly attacked a 78-year-old man, sending him to the hospital with injuries to his ribs, hand, and bicep, as well as a fractured pelvis.

West Hartford Police Lt. Eric Rocheleau said that police responded to 56 Iroquois Rd. Monday at 6:52 p.m. after a report from witnesses of a dog attacking an elderly man.

Neighbors witnessed the attack and came to the aid of the victim, pulling the dog off him several times. According to police, the dog was separated from the victim several times but kept returning to resume the attack until it was secured by West Hartford Animal Control.

The victim has been identified as William Chesanek of Duncaster Road in Bloomfield. He was 78 when the attack occurred and turned 79 on Tuesday.

The dog, a Boxer mix, is owned by Katherine Stevenson of Old Farms Road in Avon. She has agreed to euthanize the dog.

The dog is being tested for rabies at the health department, and those results are pending, police said.

Both the victim and the dog’s owner were visiting separate homes on Iroquois Road when the incident took place. Police said that dog “was able to get free from the residence it was in.”

The victim was transported to St. Francis Hospital for treatment.

West Hartford Police and Animal Control are continuing to investigate, and charges against Stevenson are pending, police said.

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  • You wouldn’t expect a dog to come running out and attack on a lovely street like Iroquois. It is a good thing there were several people around, this poor man might have been killed. This scares me, I’m a senior now I’m spooked to go for a walk.

  • Why do people, reporters ALWAYS refer Pits/Pit Mixes aka Staffordshire Terriers as Boxer mix, lab mix etc? Pits are the ONLY known dog group that locks onto a specific person/animal to attack and only stops when death of opponent has happened. STOP trying to “politely” leave out the REAL breed makeup! Pits/Pit mixes Bully Breeds whatever “new label” they try to add so when these dogs kill/maim they’re not easily identified to exact breed description thereby avoiding Bans, automatic euthanasia etc.

    • The West Hartford Police, in their incident report, referred to the dog as a boxer mix. That’s the only information that any of the media outlets were provided in this case.

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