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‘Moms Time Out!’ Premieres in West Hartford

'Moms Time Out!' on WHC-TV will feature (from left: Karyl Shaughnessy, Adroa Giordano, Cami Ferreria, and Lori Verrengia. Courtesy photo

Four working moms from West Hartford have teamed up for ‘Moms Time Out!’ – a fun and entertaining talk show premiering on WHC-TV on Friday, May 6.

'Moms Time Out!' on WHC-TV will feature (from left: Karyl Shaughnessy, Adroa Giordano, Cami Ferreria, and Lori Verrengia. Courtesy photo

‘Moms Time Out!’ on WHC-TV will feature (from left: Karyl Shaughnessy, Adria Giordano, Cami Ferreira, and Lori Verrengia. Courtesy photo

By Ronni Newton

Issues that women really care about will be brought into the open for straightforward, honest, and guaranteed-to-be-entertaining discussion by four West Hartford working moms on “Moms Time Out!

“It went from a nonchalant comment to reality pretty quickly,” said Adria Giordano, the organizer of the group who brings typed minutes to the planning sessions and already has topics selected for the next 12 months. A few weeks ago Giordano was at the WHC-TV studio with her middle school aged daughter Gabriella, who was appearing on an episode of “Survivor to Thriver,” and was chatting with some of the directors.

“Wouldn’t it be fun to have moms, with wine, talking about local issues, social media, school, girls night out, staying in shape,” Giordano suggested. A few days later one of the directors sent her an email: “We love that idea! Would you do it?”

“I immediately talked to Karyl [Shaughnessy], Cami [Ferreira], and Lori [Verrengia], and they said ‘Yes!'”  Giordano said. Within a month, the first show was filmed.

The women aren’t necessarily a foursome that does everything together. All are part of other, close-knit friend groups but have a natural synergy, and Giordano knew they would complement each other and keep the discussion lively. All four women are Norfeldt parents who got to know each other at a “Muffins and Mimosas” get together that Giordano would host annually for parents after drop off on the first day of school. They had some great conversations. They are all working moms, but they have very different styles.

“We’re diverse, we have difference experiences, different styles of parenting,” Giordano said. “But we all bring something to the discussion.”

Clockwise from top left: Karyl Shaughnessy, Adria Giordano, Lori Verrengia, Cami Ferreria. Courtesy image

Clockwise from top left: Karyl Shaughnessy, Adria Giordano, Lori Verrengia, Cami Ferreira. Courtesy image

Giordano is a former Washington, DC, political staffer turned fundraiser for Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. She’s from a close and “crazy” Italian family, and confesses that buying cupcakes instead of always making them is absolutely fine. She irons and makes gift baskets in the middle of the night when she can’t sleep. She also blogs for CTWorkingMoms.com.

Ferreira is a senior sales coordinator in the financial services industry. Her bio says that she “married her best friend who keeps her grounded and tells her to dress her age and wear knee highs.” She always wears lipstick (L’Oreal British red). She loves posting on Facebook and she tells it like it is.

Shaughnessy is a single mom, and works as chief disciplinary counsel for the State of Connecticut. Her bio says “you should ‘work to live’ and not the other way around.” She’s a swim coach, a member of the West Hartford Human Rights Commission, and loves Zumba, swimming, horseback riding, and skiing.

Verrengia, a former preschool teacher, now works as a nursing assistant/paraprofessional at the Farmington Valley Transition Academy which serves students aged 18-21 with disabilities. She was very happily a “SAHM” (stay at home mom) for 11 years, and loves spending time poolside or at the beach.

Their children range from elementary school age to 17. Verrengia is dealing with her oldest son going to his first prom this weekend (we chatted about the fact that it is now “prom” – not “the prom.”) Some of the others have younger children who are just getting introduced to social media.

All four women like wine. Preferably Malbec.

“When you turn on WHC-TV, all you ever see is the TPZ,” Ferreira said. This show will definitely not be dry and tedious. They even revamped the set.

The set of 'Moms Time Out!' Courtesy photo

The set of ‘Moms Time Out!’ Courtesy photo

“We have high tables,” Giordano said. No one looks good sitting on a couch, she said, because it makes the tummy bulge.

The women said the show will be kind of a cross between the Today Show’s Hoda and Kathie Lee and The View. They will drink the wine that’s in their glasses.

The moms agreed to divulge their first guest: fashion stylist Debbie Wright, owner of “Project Closet.”

“We’ll be talking about fashion, getting out of black, embracing who you are,” said Giordano.

“How you feel about yourself,” said Ferreira.

“Yes, clothes are really an expression,” said Giordano. She said they want to keep the discussion light, but have real answers to real questions.

“It’s just like sitting in your living room,” Verrengia said. “But at a table,” Giordano added, gesturing to indicate the flattering height of the set.

“I’m sure Cami’s going to have a boa,” said Giordano.

“Even if they laugh at me they’re watching,” Ferreira said, admitting that she will probably be “the funny one” on the show.

The energy is palpable as the women share their ideas for future episodes. Special guests will be an important part of the format, but not all will be women. “We don’t want to limit it,” said Shaughnessy.

“Maybe we’ll get a big group of kids on the show,” said Ferreira.

They plan to talk about local and national politics, and hope to have Deputy Mayor (likely soon-to-be Mayor) Shari Cantor as a guest. Verrengia’s husband, a golf pro, will talk about golf.

Skin care, special needs services, and estate planning are also on the agenda. Restaurateur Billy Grant is also on the guest list. All guests will be given a bottle of wine as a thank you.

“We’re not judgmental,” said Giordano. “We love each other and support each other.”

“We’re four women supporting other women,” added Shaughnessy.

“I may roll my eyes but then I’ll say okay,” said Ferreira.

“Light, serious, and everything in between. But with a big table so we don’t see our middle,” Giordano said.

The show, taped on the brand new and flattering set arranged by the women in the WHC-TV studio in Town Hall, premieres on Friday, May 6, at 9 p.m. The same show will be repeated every Friday for four weeks, and the second show will air beginning the first Friday of June. Diana Chin and Meredith West are the directors.

Roxx Acoustic will play at the debut party for 'Moms TIme Out!' on Friday. Courtesy photo

Roxx Acoustic will play at the debut party for ‘Moms TIme Out!’ on Friday. Courtesy photo

The moms haven’t even previewed the show yet, but will do that before their debut party, scheduled for Friday, May 6, at 8 p.m. at the Elbow Room on Farmington Avenue. Ferreira’s husband is in a band, and he recruited Roxx Acoustic to provide live entertainment at the debut party.

The event, open to the public, will also be a fundraiser for WHC-TV, with $1 of each “Momtini” (a cosmo with a “special twist”) donated. There’s also a raffle to benefit WHC-TV with prizes like a massage, manicure, a blow out from Blo, and a bottle of Mommy’s Time Out wine.

Each episode will showcase  a different non-profit.

“Hopefully we fill a need,” said Giordano.

In case anyone noticed the word “moms” in the show’s name doesn’t have an apostrophe, that’s not a typo, it’s intentional. “Time” is a verb in the name “Moms Time Out!” The moms are timing out.

Shaughnessy shared the signature sign-off that will be used as the moms toast at the end of each show: “So remember you put the time in. Don’t forget to take the time out.”

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