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Students from West Hartford and Area Towns Named to Watkinson School Academic Honor Roll

Watkinson School. Courtesy image

Watkinson School announces it 2016-17 Academic Honor Roll.


Watkinson School, a coed independent day school for grades 6-12/PG offering inventive education since 1881, is proud to announce its academic honor roll for the 2016-17 school year.

West Hartford

High Honor Roll

Katherine Chritton, 6

Avery Jones, 6

Gavin Anderson, 7

Tessa Brown, 7

Aidan Dorian, 7

Charlotte Miller, 7

Benjamin Reimer, 7

Isabella Blechner, 8

Owen Chambers, 8

Maeve Healy, 8

Charles Sinche, 8

Clare Crosson, 9

Emma Dempsey Weiner, 9

Chanjoo Kim, 9

Ethan Lavallee, 9

Adam Theodorou, 9

Xinran Wang, 10

Jiawen Zhang, 10

Xueqing Guo, 10

Sophie Brown, 10

Matteo Carrabba, 10

Eve Doolittle, 10

Xiaoyu Zhu, 11

Jasmine Baker, 11

Kelly Coons, 11

Nathan Fierston, 11

Samuel Volpe, 11

Fan Cao, 12

Michaela Boyle, 12

Tobias Kessler, 12

Nathaniel Pinkes, 12

Bonnie Wilder, 12

Anayis Doolittle, PG

Honor Roll

Ziqi Cheng, 8

Xucheng Zhang, 9

Olivia Carrabba, 9

Seline Kozlu, 9

Oliver Avery, 10

Grace Crosson, 12



Honor Roll

Joseph Nygren, 6



High Honor Roll

Gaden Romer, 7

Zoe Giannini, 9

Allison Vidovich, 10

Jordan Karp, 11

Emma Vidovich, 12



Honor Roll

Jiaxin Yuan, 9



High Honor Roll

Noemi Villaparedes, 7

Angelique Phillips, 8

Haoyu Zhu, 8

Minyu Zhu, 8

Alexsia Rose, 9

Taoli Shen, 12

Honor Roll

ChengLong Shi, 9



Honor Roll

Esther O’Shea, 8



High Honor Roll

Arianna Strand, 11



High Honor Roll

Ellison Holloway, 8


East Granby

High Honor Roll

Maxwell Landolina, 11



High Honor Roll

Gabrielle Sanford, 10

Xuetong Li, 11

QiuYuHong Lu, 12



High Honor Roll

Jersey Balducci, 8

Hamish Robb, 11

Matthew Troy, 11

Honor Roll

Connor Noll, 12



High Honor Roll

Jade Schoenfeld, 8

Grace Gardner, 11

Aneesh Khilnani, 11

Kamryn Giliberto, 12

Jacquelyn Collas, PG

Honor Roll

Sarah Herring, 9

Caroline Aramini, 10

Eliza Derick, 12



High Honor Roll

Robert Parrotta, 8

Shawndia Jones, 9

Niyanna Allen, 10

Nicole Davis, 10

Lauryn Davis, 11

Isabel Fitzsimons, 11

Brycen Chen-Phang, 12

Honor Roll

Ryheem Mathurin, 10

Hartford , Shamarla King, Honor Roll, 9



Honor Roll

Aidan Pangilinan, 11



Honor Roll

Drew Smith, 10


Honor Roll

Ellie Cooper, 12



Honor Roll

Cesar Ramos, 10


New Britain

Honor Roll

Thalia Ortiz, 10


New Hartford

High Honor Roll

Evan Rees, 7


New Haven

High Honor Roll

Thalia Pitti, 10

Jordan Meares-Garcia, 12



High Honor Roll

Haoxuan Gao, 9

Honor Roll

Phillip Goldman, 9


North Granby

High Honor Roll

Allison Kalva, 8



High Honor Roll

Avery Schmitz, 10

Zoë Ann Dansdill, 12


Rocky Hill

Honor Roll

Jingyi Chen, 10



High Honor Roll

Hannah Jandreau, 6

Doug Norrdin, 6

Keifer Jaffee, 8

Lucas Norrdin, 8

Michael James, 9

Bin Norrdin, 9

Honor Roll

Zhentao Wen, 12



Honor Roll

William Ellis, 7



High Honor Roll

Yibing Chen, 10



High Honor Roll

Morgan Birney, 7



Honor Roll

William Kracke, 11


West Simsbury

Honor Roll

Dominic Powilatis, 7

Sarah Braverman, 12



High Honor Roll

Jiachen Zhao, 9

John Strycharz, PG



High Honor Roll

Sophia Marangoudakis, 6

Lamiah Siddiq, 7

Maaz Siddiq, 8

Nicholas Esposito, 10

Lauren Heidenis, 10

Elizabeth Toomey, 10

Ning Zhou, 11

Marissa Torelli, 11


Windsor Locks

High Honor Roll

Abigail Gallagher, 7



High Honor Roll

Noah Ziff, 9


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