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Trump Ally Leora Levy Wins Republican Endorsement for U.S. Senate

Leora Levy, shown in this 2019 file photo, won a three-way contest over Themis Klarides and Peter Lumaj on Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2022, to earn the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate. Photo credit: Christine Stuart, CTNewsJunkie

Levy did not win the race among West Hartford Republicans, who narrowly chose Themis Klarides.

Secretary of the State website. Screenshot

By Hugh McQuaid, CTNewsJunkie.com and Ronni Newton, We-Ha.com

Voter turnout among West Hartford Republicans was 19.45% in Tuesday’s primary, but while Leora Levy was the winner statewide, garnering 53.56% of the vote according to unofficial results, she was not the winner among West Hartford voters..

In West Hartford, Themis Klarides received 508 votes (46.14%) while Levy received 490 votes (44.5%). Peter Lumaj received 103 votes from West Hartford Republicans, 9.36% of the total.

Buoyed by a last-minute endorsement from former President Donald Trump and the unpredictability of a low-turnout primary, Levy delivered an upset Tuesday by defeating convention-endorsed and social moderate candidate Klarides for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination.

Levy, a Republican fund-raiser and member of the party’s national committee, prevailed in a three-way contest over Klarides, long considered the favorite to win the race, and Lumaj for the nomination to face U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, a two-term Democrat and former attorney general with a three-decade history of winning statewide elections in Connecticut.

West Hartford did follow the rest of the state in the primary for secretary of the state, choosing Dominic Rapini over challenger Terrie E. Wood.

Secretary of the State website. Screenshot

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  • All these articles have been written about Leora Levy today — very eager to put Trump in the title of every one of them. They want to make it like a black mark or try to shame us. We are not ashamed! I’ve been thinking about opening a practice as a TDS Therapist (Trump Derangement Syndrome) for. All people want to do is talk about this guy. It’s a sick obsession. Be proud of your own President and his policies. Oh that’s right, you can’t be. There is nothing to be proud of. I would tell any Democrat, if you are constantly thinking about how Trump is controlling or affecting your life — you had a bad case of TDS. Maybe I can help you.

  • Leora Levy’s primary win, with personal support from Bob Stefanowski, confirms that Connecticut Republicans have become the party of Trump and the cult of Trumpism. Levy and Stefanowski are now joined with another primary winner for Secretary of the State, potentially our chief election official, who is all in for the rollback of voting rights and the belief that elections do not matter if your candidate loses, as well as the candidate for State Comptroller whose on-line message to her friends at the attack on U. S. Capitol building was, “Give‘m hell.”
    So, Connecticut Republicans have now rejected even mainstream conservatism. As a Democrat, it should please me that the party is isolating itself on the far right. But, as a mainstream Democrat, it worries me far more. Having competed but also worked with Republicans during all my years in local and state government, I see this as both a sad and dangerous turn in our state politics. It can and did happen here in Connecticut.

    • I’m honored that the poster boy of the political swamp would come on here for some debate. How about your Russian collusion hoax Sen. Sullivan? How about trying to frame Trump for a phone call to Ukraine when he was exposing Hunter Biden? After B. Obama toppled Ukraine’s government in 2014 — how come Pelosi’s kid, Romney’s kid and Biden’s kid all got “no show” jobs with Ukranian oil + gas companies? All you can talk about all day is Trump Trump Trump. I hope your insurance covers your TDS treatment. More than 95% of the protestors on Jan 6 were peaceful which is a lot more than I could say for the BLM protestors during the summer of 2020.

      – Kevin (Last Conservative In Whole Foods)

    • How is showing ID rolling back voting rights? Democrats all seem to have the same tiring narrative. If I were a Democrat I would be embarrassed to admit it in light of the nose dive this country has taken due to the current inept POTUS.

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