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West Hartford Academic Coach Offers Summer Programs to Strengthen Academic Skills

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Academic Coaching Associates has several unique summer programs for high school and college students.


Whether looking to give your middle and high school students’ academic skills a boost, your recent high school graduate the best chance at college success or your struggling college student tools for improvement, Academic Coaching Associates offers summer programs designed to help.

In two different small-group coaching sessions, Nailing Ninth Grade – Entering High School and Summer Study Skills Camp, masters-level educators help students make a smooth and successful transition to middle and high school. In Nailing Ninth Grade, an academic coach teaches students academic and life skills, how to prepare for the increased expectations of independence and self-reliance; how to begin freshman year strong and confident; note-taking, organizational and time-management skills; and how to set goals and self-advocate. In Summer Study Skills Camp, geared to middle and high school students, students will learn effective study skills based on individual learning styles, organization, note-taking and time-management. Groups meet two hours per day, over five days. One-on-one sessions are also offered.

In the Transitioning to College program, in-coming college freshmen and transfer students participate in one-on-on coaching sessions designed to help students make a smooth transition to college. Students will receive coaching on meeting college’s increased academic expectations; developing life skills; and learning to self-advocate, problem-solve, function independently and balance school work with social time. The instructor will help students strengthen study strategies, note-taking skills and learn how to use campus resources. Academic coaches offer three, 90-minute sessions throughout the summer, but August is the ideal time so that the skills are fresh when students begin the fall semester.

For students seeking to return to college after an absence due to less-than-ideal academic performance, there’s a College Re-Entry Program taught in three, 90-minute, one-on-one sessions. Students will work with an academic coach to learn what contributed to their progress so far and strategies to prevent unsatisfactory performance in the future. Students will be taught how to strengthen independence and the skills of executive function, independence, self-advocacy, problem-solving and time management. They’ll be guided on how to use campus resources such as tutoring centers, counseling services and receiving and using accommodations, if necessary. The student and coach will set realistic and attainable goals.

For information, contact the Academic Coaching Associates office at 860-297-1591 or [email protected] To learn more, see www.Academic Coaching

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