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West Hartford Police Advice: Lock It, Leave It, Keep It

West Hartford Police Department Interceptor SUV. Photo credit: Ronni Newton

West Hartford Police have provided a list of suggestions to help residents protect their property.

Submitted by Lt. Michael Perruccio, Community Relations Division, West Hartford Police Department

The old adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” is truer today than ever before.

In simple terms: If you like it, lock it or leave it home.

The West Hartford Police Department will make every effort to provide you with the tools you will need to better protect yourself.  Together, you and your police department can make a difference and will collectively maintain the outstanding reputation our town has for being a safe and spirited community

Protecting Your Valuables

Take with you, leave at home, or store in your trunk, the following:

  • Personal bags:
    • Purse
    • Wallet
    • Gym bag
    • Back packs
    • Brief case
  • Cellphones
  • MP3/iPods
  • Laptops/Tablets
  • Electronic handheld games
  • Chargers (Thieves may assume that the device to be charged is hidden under the seat or in an interior compartment.)
  • Loose change

Parking Tips

  • Begin with basic car protection: Windows Up, Doors Locked, Alarm Engaged
  • Park in a well-lit location
  • Avoid having your car concealed by larger vehicles, fences or foliage; thieves like to work in private.
  • Stow valuables before parking. Experienced thieves often stake out parking lots to watch for people putting items in their trunk. Help prevent car break-ins by putting valuables into your trunk before you get to the parking lot.
  • Take your keys with you. If you think you have a great hiding place for a spare key, think twice. Thieves know to look above the visor, in the center console, under the floor mat, in the trunk.
  • If you park your vehicle in a garage at home, lock your garage doors.

Report It

If you see suspicious activity or a break-in in progress: REPORT IT! Call 911 immediately! Give as much information as possible to the dispatcher.

  • Location of the incident: Address, cross street, specific location in the parking lot
  • Description of the suspect: Gender, race, age, height, weight, hair, facial hair, clothing, tattoos, piercings
  • Direction: Give the direction of travel if the suspect flees. If the suspect flees in a vehicle, give the description of the vehicle, color, make, model and license plate.

Like It, Lock It, Keep It!

Questions? Call West Hartford Police Department, (860) 523-5203, www.westhartfordct.gov/police

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