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[Updated] West Hartford Woman Struck by Car in Farmington Avenue Intersection

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[Updated 9:05 a.m.] Stefanie Marco Lantz of West Hartford was injured Tuesday when a driver ran a red light and struck her with his car at the intersection of Farmington Avenue and Trout Brook Drive.

By Ronni Newton

Updated 9:05 a.m.

Carl Lantz, the husband of Stefanie Marco Lantz, said Tuesday morning that she was admitted to Hartford Hospital after she was struck by a vehicle Tuesday afternoon.

She “does have broken bones and is beat up pretty badly. Prognosis is good though and we’re hoping for a full recovery, but it’s likely to be long,” Lantz said.

Original story

A West Hartford woman who was crossing the intersection of Farmington Avenue and Trout Brook Drive Tuesday afternoon with her husband, daughter, and son sustained serious injuries when she was struck by a car that ran a red light, police said.

According to West Hartford Police Capt. Jeff Rose, Stefanie Marco Lantz, 44, was crossing the intersection on a diagonal, headed northeast from the southwest corner of Farmington Avenue and Trout Brook Drive toward Molloy Funeral Home. The lights were red in all directions and the walk sign was on, Rose said.

A 2008 Infiniti being driven by Brandon Hickey, 86, of Albany Avenue in West Hartford, was headed west on Farmington Avenue, failed to stop for the red light, and struck Lantz, Rose said. Other members of the family were not hit, he said.

The incident took place at 2:24 p.m. on a clear, warm day, and there were multiple witnesses who saw it happen and provided reports to police. All witnesses stated that the light was solid red.

One witness posted on Facebook that she saw Lantz do a flip in the air before landing on the ground. According to Facebook posts the family also had their dog with them, which reportedly ran away but was retrieved and returned to the family.

Lantz was treated on the scene and transported to Hartford Hospital with injuries that were “serious but not life threatening,” Rose said.

West Hartford Police Sgt. Brian Cantele was at the Shell Gas Station at the intersection and immediately responded to the scene to render aid to Lantz, Rose said.

Rose said that the investigation is still ongoing and charges are pending. Hickey remained on the scene and was cooperative with police, he said.

“This is an awful thing to have happen. People expect a safe crossing,” said Rose. He offered his prayers and wishes for the Lantz family.

Check back for updates.

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  • Many people crossing here don’t think to look way, way down the road, all four ways, at this intersection, and at some other busy crossings in town. I have seen cars intentionally and unintentionally gunning it through the red light and other cars their distracted driving sailing right through; also cars turning on the red light when it is “walk,” that I think is allowed, but risky as pedestrians often don’t realize cars hustling to get on the highway can clip you. My neighbor got hit by a car at this intersection on a bicycle, she had a fractured arm. Before crossing, look behind! side to side! and across! and walk across quickly. It is very dangerous, when there is an accident the cars go flying in a split second in strange directions , and you will not have time to get out of the way. I feel very sorry for this family, and I hope she fully recovers. I’m so glad he did not hit the children, this could have been a fatality. I appreciate the town is doing the distracted driving campaign.

  • I think the age of the driver played a key factor too. They can’t react fast enough or can’t see as sharp as when they are younger.
    Never assume a car will see you and stop, even if the light is green for crossing!
    Wishing Stephanie a speedy recovery! And glad the kids are safe!

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