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West Hartford’s 2018 Terrific Teens: Spotlight on Grace Andrews

Grace Andrews, a 2018 Conard High School Graduate, is a 2018 Terrific Teen. Submitted photo

Once again, We-Ha.com and West Hartford Magazine (WHM) salute the graduating class of 2018 with the annual Terrific Teen feature.

This annual celebration of our “terrific teens” puts the spotlight on a handful of teens who have worked very hard to make it to that graduation stage. Finding just two students from each high school each year is a challenge we love, and we do mean it’s a challenge since the options are seemingly endless. Some are kids we’ve watched mature from childhood, and some were just recently brought to our attention. We wish we could spotlight more great and deserving kids, but we only have so much room in our pages.

This year, we wanted our teens to shine in a new way. For the interview process we built a questionnaire for the young adults to fill out in their own time and place, and we’re so pleased with their candor! With the exception of some editing for space constraints, most of what you’ll read here are their own words.

Our teen photo days have brought us from studios, to parks, to shopping centers. And this year we visited West Hartford’s public golf course, Rockledge Golf Club, for some fun photo opportunities. We hope you enjoy “meeting them” as much as we did. We’ll feature one student per week.

Each year, with input from our editorial board, the “Terrific Teens” section puts the spotlight on one boy and one girl from each of the public and private high schools in West Hartford. The only requirement to become a featured teen is that the student live in town.

This week, we are proud to feature Grace Andrews, Conard High School.

Grace Andrews, a 2018 Conard High School Graduate, is a 2018 Terrific Teen. Submitted photo

An Editor’s note and  thank you to Grace Andrews for responding to this Q&A while on vacation in Spain!

WHM: If you could tell your freshman year self just one thing about high school, what would it be?

GRACE: Get more involved. Contributing to your community is the best way to improve yourself, create connections and friendships, and learn about who you are, while progressing the community.

WHM: Who inspires you and why? Think of a special teacher, parent, sibling, or other friend and share a story of what makes this relationship special.

GRACE: My grandparents inspire me every day. Mis abuelos immigrated into the United States in the 1960s after their marriage in Bolivia. Their wisdom and strength resonate with me.

WHM: What are some of your hobbies and interests? This can be sports, books, art. Give some examples of your favorite things.

GRACE: I enjoy traveling because we only have one life time on this earth, and why would I not want to see every part of it? Traveling is education, as our eyes open to new food, culture, language, beliefs, etc. Our world is home to so many amazing and unique experiences- I want to see it all!

WHM: It’s your first summer after high school …Tell us what you are looking forward to most about the coming year?

GRACE: I am looking forward to a new adventure in a new part of my country. I also cannot wait to dive into new courses and expand intellectually.

WHM: If you’ll be attending college, tell us where and why you chose this school?

GRACE: I will be attending Colorado College in Colorado Springs, CO. I chose this school because it offers everything I want: amazing nature, education, and people. I can’t wait to start in August.

WHM: Any other anecdotes or fun facts about yourself.

GRACE: I was elected to be the Board of Education representative for Conard High School, and this experience was super cool. It was a great opportunity to explore municipal politics and public education, while representing my peers. I was sitting right at the table of change every night and I had the honor of voicing the student perspective.

I also enjoy my summer time job! I work as an instructor at Westmoor Park Farm and Nature Camp. Best job EVER.

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  • You can be so proud of yourself, Grace, and for so many personal and character achievements! Go forth, and learn and grow from every life experience to become your best you!

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