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West Hartford’s 2018 Terrific Teens: Spotlight on Dalia Bruce

West Hartford Terrific Teen Dalia Bruce, a Hebrew High School of New England graduate. Photo courtesy of the Bruce family

Once again, We-Ha.com and West Hartford Magazine (WHM) salute the graduating class of 2018 with the annual Terrific Teen feature.

By Joy Taylor

This annual celebration of our “terrific teens” puts the spotlight on a handful of teens who have worked very hard to make it to that graduation stage. Finding just two students from each high school each year is a challenge we love, and we do mean it’s a challenge since the options are seemingly endless. Some are kids we’ve watched mature from childhood, and some were just recently brought to our attention. We wish we could spotlight more great and deserving kids, but we only have so much room in our pages.

This year, we wanted our teens to shine in a new way. For the interview process we built a questionnaire for the young adults to fill out in their own time and place, and we’re so pleased with their candor! With the exception of some editing for space constraints, most of what you’ll read here are their own words.

Our teen photo days have brought us from studios, to parks, to shopping centers. And this year we visited West Hartford’s public golf course, Rockledge Golf Club, where some of the teens enjoyed fun photo opportunities. We hope you enjoy “meeting them” as much as we did.

Each year, with input from our editorial board, the “Terrific Teens” section puts the spotlight on one boy and one girl from each of the public and private high schools in West Hartford. The only requirement to become a featured teen is that the student live in town.

This week, we are proud to feature Dalia Bruce, a Hebrew High School of New England graduate.

West Hartford Terrific Teen Dalia Bruce, a Hebrew High School of New England graduate. Photo courtesy of the Bruce family

Dalia Bruce may think we picked her because her father, Rabbi Jeremy Bruce, is the former head of the Hebrew High School of New England, but we picked her because she is a great West Hartford young woman!

WHM: If you could tell your freshman year self just one thing about high school, what would it be?

DALIA: Lots of crazy things happen in high school but it’s important to realize that they are all part of your growing experience, and you would not be yourself without them.

WHM: Who inspires you and why? Think of a special teacher, parent, sibling, or other friend and share a story of what makes this relationship special.

DALIA: My English teacher inspires me due to his vast knowledge and passion of the subject. He has a completely unique way of viewing literature and taught me how to think about the world in a new light. He not only taught me how to analyze books and poems, but he taught me how to relate these lessons to myself, my future, and the way I relate to other people. His classes were enthusiastic and supportive, and he was always so invested in every student’s thoughts and ideas.

WHM: What are some of your hobbies and interests? This can be sports, books, art. Give some examples of your favorite things.

DALIA: I love playing goalie for soccer and playing ultimate frisbee. I love cooking and baking. I am interested and involved in politics (I’m currently working on Chris Murphy’s Senatorial campaign) and social justice.

WHM: It’s your first summer after high school … Tell us what you are looking forward to most about the coming year.

DALIA: Meeting new kinds of people in a completely different setting.

WHM: If you’ll be attending college, tell us where and why you chose this school?

DALIA: I will be attending the University of Maryland, College Park. I chose this school because of the location near to DC and its criminal justice program.

WHM: Any other anecdotes or fun facts about yourself?

DALIA: A fun fact is that I own a pet snake called Burrito. 

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