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West Hartford’s 2018 Terrific Teens: Spotlight on Roy Mulhado

West Hartford 2018 Terrific Teen Roy Mulhado, from Conard High School. Photo credit: Todd Fairchild

Once again, We-Ha.com and West Hartford Magazine (WHM) salute the graduating class of 2018 with the annual Terrific Teen feature.

By Joy Taylor

This annual celebration of our “terrific teens” puts the spotlight on a handful of teens who have worked very hard to make it to that graduation stage. Finding just two students from each high school each year is a challenge we love, and we do mean it’s a challenge since the options are seemingly endless. Some are kids we’ve watched mature from childhood, and some were just recently brought to our attention. We wish we could spotlight more great and deserving kids, but we only have so much room in our pages.

Our teen photo days have brought us from studios, to parks, to shopping centers. And this year we visited West Hartford’s public golf course, Rockledge Golf Club, where many of the teens were able to join us for some fun photo opportunities. We hope you enjoy “meeting them” as much as we did.

Each year, with input from our editorial board, the “Terrific Teens” section puts the spotlight on one boy and one girl from each of the public and private high schools in West Hartford. The only requirement to become a featured teen is that the student live in town.

This week, we are proud to feature Roy Mulhado, a Conard High School graduate.

West Hartford 2018 Terrific Teen Roy Mulhado, from Conard High School. Photo credit: Todd Fairchild

With a pencil behind his ear, and another one in his hand, Roy Mulhado presented as a no-nonsense, serious student when we met in a classroom at Conard High School this summer. But within minutes, the serious-minded, and somewhat modest and shy guy turned into the smiley Roy that many have a fondness for.

“We’ll miss him,” said Margaret Book, Roy’s math teacher.

Coach V. (teacher Tommy Verrengia) warned me that although he may seem a little nervous, I would love Roy’s sense of humor – and he was right.

Roy completed high school in the spring, along with the rest of the class of 2018, but he enrolled in the summer school program to continue his transition to the Post-School program.

Roy is the kid that everyone knows. And we mean everyone. He was the “voice of Conard” as he led the school in the Pledge of Allegiance every morning over the P.A. System. His signature sign off “Roy Out” was a welcome start to every school day, and it was the send off he gave to the whole class on graduation day, along with a real mic drop moment.

When asked to reflect back to how he felt in his freshman year versus today, Roy said,“I was nervous, but I knew I could do it!”

Roy is looking forward to what the future will bring, with a practical sense of himself and shy confidence.

Editor’s note, special thanks to Tommy Verrengia who helped us track down and secure this interview with Roy.

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