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  • Beyond ridiculous. I’m just at a loss for words as to unimaginable disregard for Indian heritage and town pride that was just discarded at the expense of moronic political correctness.

    • What indian heritage would that be Pam? Yours? Are you indian Pam? Are any of these kids? No? Then it’s not thier heritage nor yours to honor. Stop trying to demoralize people by using the term “pc” as a derogatory term. It’s okay to livewith respect of others, you should try it sometime Pam.

      • Toby get a life Pam has every right to speak her mind. Lets face facts this should have gone to a vote instead of the lame ducks on our BOE.

      • Thank you for the attention brought to this matter Ronni Newton.

        Everyone has their right to an opinion. My view is that children are being subjected to a community fighting against each other over an issue that is based on a culture other than many of their own.

        I am saddened to see that many times, that people of non-native descent have no connection to their amazing ancestries. This fact lends to the devaluing of other cultures such as native culture.

        Perhaps we can all continue to grow and understand the importance of all of our ancestries as we move onward and upward.

        Respect to you all.

        Vincent Schilling
        Akwesasne Mohawk
        St. Regis Mohawk Tribe
        A&E Sports and Pow Wows Editor, Indian Country Today Media Network

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