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Women Invited to Gather for ‘Mega Challah Bake’

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All women are invited to Chabad of Greater Hartford’s Challah Bake.

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Not your typical cooking class, this event will appeal to the gourmet baker and the women who has never dipped her hand in flour!

On Sunday, February 21, at 2:30 p.m. at the Emanuel Synagogue the Mega Challah Bake will be a fun, inspiring afternoon with great feminine energy.

Put together, by Chabad of Greater Hartford, participants will mix and knead their own bath of dough, learn an array of braiding techniques and the traditional and mystical meaning behind every step that goes into making this fragrant bread.

Challah, the popular Jewish food is a braided bread traditionally eaten on Shabbat and Jewish holidays.

From the times of our matriarch Sarah in the Bible over 4,000 years ago, challah and the traditions connected to it, has been a magical gift observed by the Jewish woman.

“More than just bread, we are taught that through the mitzvah of baking challah we acknowledge that everything we are fortunate to have and be able to give to others, is a blessing from G-d,” said Shayna Gopin, one of the organizers at Chabad of Greater Hartford.

While reciting the blessing on challah a woman has a “direct channel” to G-d at this point and it’s an opportune time to ask for all that is on her heart and mind.

This historic event carries added significance as Jewish communities worldwide celebrate the year of HAKHEL, a once every seven year opportunity to celebrate Jewish unity and learning. Throughout the year, Jewish synagogues and organizations are hosting communal gatherings dedicated to encouraging Jewish identity and observance.

While the dough is rising, we will enjoy the extraordinary talent of 17-year-old Dassi Sessel and her musical performance.

The event is open to the public for woman and girls in second grade and older. For more information and to RSVP visit www.MegaChallahBakeCT.com or call 860.232.1116.

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