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A Journey of Authenticity: Life Is Not Perfect

Courtesy of Jeannette Dardenne

Experiential stories that revolve around the importance of being authentic to not only yourself but to those around you. After years of never finding the time to ‘stop and smell the roses,’ Jeannette is unearthing many of her passions including writing, fashion, and thrifting through her online blog ‘The Vineyard Life’ – a creative outlet that allows her to share, learn, and grow with others. You can explore more of her stories at @jeannettepdardenne on Instagram or www.myvineyardlife.com.

By Jeannette Dardenne

As soon as I woke up this morning and realized that my back still hurts, the sky is gray, and I am not infinitely rich, I remembered.

And that magic light box <aka cell phone> tends to suck me into an infinite world filled with beauty and allure. As I thumb from image to image, I am reminded that my colorful life is <well>… too colorful!

I, me, do you – live in a three color world?

Is this you?

You/Me: Hunny, these are the only three colors that we can now have in our home <sweetieee …>.

Hunny: <blank stare>

You/Me: I have this thing going with my online community – and I am realizing that they prefer these 3 colors, white, tan, and peach, <insert huge smile>

Hunny: <blank stare with red face>

You/Me: Okay … so I am just going to get rid of all of our stuff and go shopping … now … oh and <in a low and super quiet voice>, I also need to completely update my wardrobe.

Hunny: I don’t know who you are … and I don’t like peach.

Please tell me you are laughing, because I am, even as I write this. Not a full on belly laugh, but a definite snickering chuckle. And for anyone who is able to live in a very “consistent” … space, I am envious and somewhat perplexed. How do you keep your light colored couches so clean?! Those trendy white knit blankets … so white?! And your light colored outfit not full of hand prints?

Why am I writing all of this? Because as we find ourselves staring at each other via social media, I am finding that the cool kids get more, let’s call it “playtime” if they adhere to a band of colors consistently. While us sans niche realist types get lost in the fray. “If you want to grow your following, you must stick to a <3 color> look.”

And while I understand the importance of adhering to <brand> colors for a business, I am lost on how to maintain this life with a gaggle of kids who forget to NOT run around with non-washable markers, food laden fingers, and dirty clothes, shoes, selves!!

Am I alone living on rainbow ave?

Jeannette Punsoni Dardenne is an entrepreneur who started the popular Facebook group @eatinconnecticut – a community forum that connects foodies and the food and beverage industry for delicious conversations. She and her business partner now together run @eatinconnecticut and INGroup Creative – a public relations and marketing company that helps small businesses thrive. Jeannette is also a business advisor at the University of Hartford Entrepreneur Center & Women’s Business Center. When she isn’t helping others, she enjoys exploring the state and beyond with her husband and two children.<

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