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Is Your Pet Getting into the Holiday Spirit?

Scarlett has trouble enough seeing with the fur over her eyes. The Santa hat doesn't help! Photo credit: Ronni Newton

Send your festive pet photos to be featured on We-Ha.com.

Scarlett has trouble enough seeing with the fur over her eyes. The Santa hat doesn't help! Photo credit: Ronni Newton

Scarlett has trouble enough seeing with the fur over her eyes. The Santa hat doesn’t help! Photo credit: Ronni Newton

By Ronni Newton

It’s hard to ignore all the negativity in the news, and sometimes we all just need a break.

What we really need are adorable animal photos, preferably photos of animals in festive holiday attire or “helping” with holiday preparations. Thank you to one of our readers for the suggestion on a day filled with way too many hard news stories.

This morning my “On This Day” Facebook memory highlighted the above photo of my dog wearing a silly Santa hat, and I couldn’t help but smile.

I also saw a posted picture of someone’s dachshund wrapped in Christmas lights. I’m not sure if it was purposeful on either the human’s or the dog’s part, but it was certainly cute!

Have you seen UConn’s “Happy Holidays from All UConn Huskies at Heart”? If not, or if you want to watch it again (I’ve watched it multiple times!) click here.

This is admittedly not a serious news story, and it isn’t meant to be. We’d just like to engage the residents of West Hartford in something fun and amusing.

Send your festive pet photos to [email protected]. Dogs, cats, bunnies, turtles … anything that you consider a pet. But please be sure that none of the animals are hurt in the process.

We’ll post a gallery of the photos we receive next week.

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  • Great picture of Scarlett! I can’t wait to see the rest.

    You’re the expert on grammar, but I always thought “none” (no one) is singular and is followed by “is”, not “are”. Maybe language has changed like “unique” being, well, unique so it can’t be qualified with “very” or some such. I’m curious to get your take.

    It does seem like there has been hard news in WH. The program at St. James’ is a bright spot though!

    It’s ridiculously warm and foggy here. What’s Santa going to do if it stays like this (which it’s forecast to do).

    Love, Mom

    • Thanks for your grammar comments, Mom!! I’m not really a grammar expert, but after copyediting manuscripts for a while as a freelance job there are a few rules I am good at, and “none” is one! Here’s the rule: “None can take either a singular or plural verb. A common misconception is that none is always singular because it is short for no one. However, it is just as likely to mean not any, implying a plural. When none is followed by a mass noun (a noun that cannot be counted or made plural) it takes a singular verb.” ~Ronni

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