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Letter: A Connecticut Party Wants to Collaborate

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To the Editor:

On Monday, Sept. 27, the town was introduced to the candidates for A Connecticut Party of West Hartford during virtual debates hosted by the Greater Hartford League of Women’s Voters on WHCi. Lee Gold (incumbent) and Mark Merritt left leadership roles of the Republican party to form agroup focused on problem solving and listening to all viewpoints.

Along with Rick Bush, Roni Rodman, and Ross Jacobs (BOE), last night you heard ways we can continue to improve our town. We are not a Party that says “no.” We want to collaborate without being influenced by the extremes.

We cannot be idle in governing, as there needs to be solutions to town issues. We need serious people committed to improving and working for West Hartford. Collaboration is necessary to help us build a better tomorrow. A Connecticut Party of West Hartford wants to include the entire town in our discussion planning for our future.

It is of utmost importance to focus on clean energy, infrastructure, and the belief that the entirety of West Hartford is what leads to its vitality.

Nathan F. Mitchell
West Hartford

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  • I am a long time west Hartford resident who never voted in the local elections due to lack of diversity, I know its not in my best interest but at the same time I ask my self is it in my interest to vote for a candidate from a party which does not include others.
    Recently a pamphlet was dropped at my house by a so called new party by the name Acp and at fast I got little curious about this new party and read the vote solicitation comment on the
    The contents read as follows: A new party of west Hartford reflects fiscal conservative values and seeks to promote inclusion and a dialogue on social issues.
    Four gentlemen and and lady were pictured on the pamphlet as candidates for this new party but here comes the irony no one of color was included in the picture as a candidate therefore I am asking myself what inclusion do they have are they talking about.
    I am out again as things will never change whether its a new party or same or same old parties.
    Once a party starts to provide equal right to all in town equally that’s the party which will get my vote.
    Do you know a sizeable community in west Hartford do not even get a day of during their holy holidays and their sizeable amount of kids go to school here in west Hartford, Whereas others kids get day offs on every holiday they celebrate.
    Most of this community members forfeited voting for any candidate in town due to the stated reason above and lack of inclusion.

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