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Letter to the Editor: Response to Republican Letter About State Budget Veto

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Dear Editor:

So, my Republican counterpart writes in support of yet another deficit-ridden state budget just because his party supports it. Why I am not surprised. Under Rowland and Rell, that’s the road to hell that Connecticut travelled – leaving Connecticut where Governor Malloy found it.

Truth is, the Republican state budget does not balance, pays for today’s costs with tomorrow’s promises and would immediately put the state back into yet another big deficit. That’s not leadership or bipartisanship. It’s politics as usual.

Yes, we all agree that our town deserves better than paying for the mistakes of others by losing our fair share of town and school aid. We all agree that our Town Council’s fiscal prudence, tough decisions and smart management must not be punished by the state. No one has been clearer or stronger in this fight than Mayor Cantor and the Town Council. Unlike the local Republicans, who love to talk, the West Hartford’s Democratic leaders have been in the trenches at the State Capitol actually fighting the fight. And they will be until the Legislature does what’s right for our state and our town.

But for now, make no mistake. Far from saving West Hartford or Connecticut, the Republican state budget dishonestly and irresponsibly repeats all the fiscal errors of the past and leaves our town no less at risk of big executive cuts when it does not balance on day one.

We can and must do better.

Jonathan Slifka
Chairman, Democratic Town Committee

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