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Letter to the Editor: Support of Michael Croll for Probate Judge in West Hartford

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To the Editor:

I write in support of Michael Croll’s candidacy for Probate Judge for West Hartford in the Democratic Primary on August 9th. I first came to know Michael as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Mandell Jewish Community Center where he has shown himself to be a dedicated lay leader. Michael has enthusiastically taken on a number of leadership roles with respect to fund raising and governance. He brings all of his energy to each task he takes on and makes sure to inspire others to join him. He promotes success and achieves it.

I have also come to know Michael Croll, the probate practitioner. As I came to know Michael I learned that he focused his law practice on probate matters. Given that I am exposed to probate matters in the context of my own commercial litigation practice, I have sought Michael’s advice and found him to be extremely knowledgeable about the law and procedures that  govern Connecticut Probate Practice. I have also seen Michael engage with other counsel and observed how he works  with them, whether they be colleagues on the same side of an issue or even more importantly adversaries. He is well respected by others practicing in the Probate bar and for good reason. Michael has a calm demeanor and deliberate but gentlemanly approach to his work. He also enjoys a great sense of humor which often calms the most vigorous of combatants. I can say with certainty that all of these skills and the strong reputation he enjoys among the Probate bar are assets that will serve him well if elected.

I am endorsing Michael Croll for Probate Judge because his patience, knowledge and calm manner are assets that are essential for the job. His specialization as  a probate practitioner will give him a jump start on the tasks he will face on the bench. His steady resolve and cool demeanor will engender trust of not only the lawyers who come before him but the parties and others who appear in the Probate Court. I can say without reservation that I will vote for Michael Croll because he will be an excellent public servant, strong arbiter and superb Probate Judge who will serve the citizens of West Hartford with distinction.


Melvin A. Simon, Esq.
West Hartford, CT

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