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Letter to the Editor: Vote for Beth Kerrigan

Beth Kerrigan (center) with Jillian Gilchrest (right) and Laura Cordes. Submitted photo

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Dear Editor,

Beth Kerrigan is the best kind of leader because her motivation comes from a deep seeded belief in equality. She is running for a second term on the West Hartford Town Council because she is an advocate, interested in understanding what those around her care most about and translating that into positive change. I met Beth at a friend’s house well before she ran for Town Council but it wasn’t until this past year that we became great friends.

On November 9, 2016, we woke up to the reality that Donald Trump would be the next President. Beth and I were horrified. How would we explain this to our children? How could a man who spoke so negatively about so many people and boasted about sexual abuse be elected to the highest office in our Country. After the initial shock, both Beth and my reaction to this news was the same– to take action.

Beth Kerrigan is among a small group of Connecticut women, myself included, who organized more than 80 buses from Connecticut to Washington, D.C. for the Women’s March on Washington. She has remained active ever since, both with Women’s March CT and in town with a group of activist women called the WeHa Huddle.

Beth is a much needed voice on the West Hartford Town Council. She stands for what she believes in and for those she represents. I’ll be voting for Beth Kerrigan on November 7th and I hope you will do the same.


Jillian Gilchrest
West Hartford

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