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Letter to the Editor: Vote for Chris Williams

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Dear Editor,

I can honestly say I would not live in West Hartford today without the influence of Chris Williams. I first met Chris in September 2001 as we began our freshman year at Loyola College in Maryland. Chris and I met on the basketball court and quickly became friends. Chris always spoke so highly of West Hartford and after visiting him in West Hartford, I got the sense that the town is truly special. My wife Lauren and I are so happy to live in town and raise our two children here.

While at Loyola, I always admired Chris’s work ethic and strong values. He spent many hours in the library studying – certain foreshadowing of his plan to attend law school following graduation. In addition to putting in time in the classroom, Chris has always been a great friend to me. He is kind, compassionate, and thoughtful of the needs of others. Chris is also a wonderful father and husband – I am amazed at how he is able to balance his family life, work life, and commitment to the town of West Hartford. It is amazing. I could continue on about Chris’s traits and values, but I’d like to focus on what any voter should – his love and care for the town of West Hartford.

When I first learned Chris was running for town council, I was excited for West Hartford’s future with Chris in office. You could sense his passion and concern for the town. He realizes that West Hartford is a special place with a close-knit, diverse community; something you cannot find everywhere. As a taxpayer, I believe Chris has our best interests at heart. He wants to protect the benefits we enjoy such as our world-class schools, beautiful parks, and the center. However, he knows we must do so in a fiscally responsible way to keep our town affordable for current residents and others who may move into town.

In closing, I urge you to join me in voting for Chris on November 7. His passion and excitement for West Hartford are palpable and he will bring that enthusiasm to his next term as a West Hartford Town Councilman.

Paul Wik
West Hartford Resident

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