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Letter: Lack of Timely Response from West Hartford Superintendent of Schools and Board of Education Members

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Dear Ronni,

I am writing to express my profound dissatisfaction with the lack of a timely response from Paul Vicinus, the superintendent of West Hartford schools and all the members of the West Hartford board of education regarding the institution of a policy to name sports fields or facilities after worthy alumni, former coaches, or other deserving members of our community.

On September 7, 2023, I submitted an inquiry regarding how one goes about requesting to name a sports field after an esteemed alumnus. Regrettably, the initial response I received on September 14, 2023, stated that there was no official policy in place, but assured me that I would hear from someone soon. It is disheartening to note that despite two additional follow-up emails sent on October 2nd and November 5th, I have not received any response or acknowledgment to my additional inquiries or that a new policy has been created.

As an engaged member of this community, I strongly believe that recognizing the contributions and achievements of our esteemed alumni and community members through the naming of sports fields or facilities is an essential and meaningful endeavor. It is disappointing that such a seemingly straightforward task has been met with silence, bringing into question the leadership abilities of those to whom my initial inquiry was addressed.

Not only does this lack of response reflect poorly on the individuals in question, but it also hampers our community’s ability to honor and celebrate the individuals who have made significant contributions. Moreover, it undermines the transparency and accountability that we expect from our educational institutions.

I implore the superintendent of schools and the board of education members to rectify this situation promptly. Timely communication and engagement with community members are crucial for fostering a sense of trust and collaboration. I trust that our education leaders understand the importance of addressing such concerns and taking necessary actions to ensure that our community’s values are reflected in the policies that govern our schools.

I kindly request that you publish this letter in your esteemed publication to bring attention to this matter and encourage a timely resolution. Our community deserves open dialogue and responsive leadership, and I believe that by shedding light on this issue, we can initiate the necessary changes for the betterment of our educational system.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I remain hopeful that my concerns will be heard and addressed promptly by Paul Vicinus, the superintendent of schools, his staff, and the board of education members.


Eric Mallinson
West Hartford

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  • This is the most Karen thing I’ve ever read, and that’s saying a lot for West Hartford. Perhaps the superintendent is focusing on running the schools effectively and not on trivial requests.

    • Understand that being labeled as a “Karen” doesn’t change the fact that both the superintendent and the board of education have demonstrated a lack of leadership. In order to address this issue, I would like to invite you to attend the upcoming board meeting on 12/5 and engage in a conversation with me. It’s important to recognize that it’s easy to criticize others from behind a computer screen, but I want to emphasize the value of having a genuine conversation. By speaking with me directly, you will gain a better understanding of my perspective and have the opportunity to hear all the details that couldn’t be included in my initial letter. Since sharing my concerns, I have received feedback from others and reliable sources, which further confirms the lack of responsiveness from both the board and superintendent towards community inquiries. This highlights a larger problem that extends beyond just my concerns as a so called “Karen.” And in my case it would be a “Ken”, so please insult me properly, if you are going to do so.

    • I am disappointed you posted a comment which included the term “Karen”. It is too easy to label everyone you disagree with that term. Plus, it is offensive to people such as my sister, who have that name and are always laughed at by people.

      • Gabriel,
        I am guessing your not a big picture type of person. From the feedback that I have received directly, this is not an isolated incident. You may think my reason for the letter is about naming a field, well it is all about the lack of a response to a community member. Yes there are bigger issues to address with the board of education and the superintendent, but being honest and responding takes leadership. If they can not respond timely on a simple request or inquiry, how are they addressing larger issues? Guess what, I would have been stratified with a response that said we are still working on it, versus ignoring me entirely. I received a response at 5:30 PM from the superintendent on the very same day I indicated was the day I would send my letter to the editor(after sharing a copy with him and the entire board before sending). The response that received, I will quote in part “…I will offer apologies that we have not responded in a manner that you find timely but that does not mean this hasn’t been a topic of discussion with my team and the board…”.

        I know for a fact that this is not a topic that has been discussed with the “board” ever. I spoke with a board member the very same day my letter went to the Editor and that board member confirmed that this topic has not been discussed with the “board” to date. Maybe when you mature yourself you will look at the big picture, rather than insult others.

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