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Letter: Support for Stephanie Thomas

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Dear Editor,

I had written this summer about my support for Stephanie Thomas but feel the needs to write again to remind voters as to WHY I am so committed in my support for Stephanie for secretary of the state (SOTS).

As I watch the endless political ads and claims made by candidates for various constitutional offices here in Connecticut, I am struck by how many GOP candidates are claiming they will tackle issues that are not remotely near the purview of the office they are running for. The Republican candidate for comptroller is claiming she will lower crime and tackle inflation. A Republican candidate for state rep used an image of a town police chief clearly inferring an endorsement that was never given, forcing the police chief to publicly issue a statement making it clear he in no way was endorsing that candidate. This same candidate claims she will solve Connecticut’s crime “issues” and single-handedly balance the budget while misspelling the name of our town.

In the car business, this is called “puffery” which means a significant overstatement of condition or abilities. It seems like GOP candidates are continuously overstating their role and prominence in helping form state policy. I can’t help to think that would lead to significant disappointment by their constituents when they don’t accomplish any of what they are claiming in their ads and their stump speeches and a significant net loss for Connecticut.

Stephanie Thomas has always struck me with her integrity because all she wants to talk about is how she can make the secretary of the state position in Connecticut more transparent, more helpful to Connecticut citizens, and function well from a policy perspective. In her ads and stump speeches, she focuses entirely on constituent and business services, free and fair elections, support services for residents of Connecticut, and improving information technology. ALL of these things are squarely in the purview of the SOTS which is exactly what she is running for. She is not stretching the truth about what her power and responsibilities are, she is not making promises that only can be fulfilled by the legislature and governor.

In a nutshell, she is displaying exactly the integrity and spirit of what we need for this position. As an experienced state representative, she has always followed her words with action and will continue to do so as SOTS.

We need to view this election day as a critical day. We are hiring some of the most critical positions in the state. Do you want someone working for you who flouts the rules to gain votes? Do you want someone representing you that exaggerates the power of their position in order to convince people to vote for them while having no chance of impacting those policy issues? Or do you want someone who has been an honest and focused public servant who not only understands the true role of the secretary of the state, but has an actual PLAN to hit the ground running once sworn into office?

I think the choice is clear and I think Stephanie Thomas is that choice. I can’t wait to vote for her on November 8th and I hope you will support her as well. Please get out and vote!

John Lyons
West Hartford
7th District Chair, West Hartford Democratic Town Committee

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