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Letter: Support of Anastasia Yopp and the Republicans

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To the Editor:

On Nov. 8, I will be voting as a registered Republican for the first time in my life, having switched from Independent earlier this year. There are many reasons why myself and so many young people are coming out in support of fresh Republican faces like Anastasia Yopp and Larry Lazor. The Democrats have held power in CT for nearly my entire life, have failed by most metrics (including the infamous wealth gap) and have embraced far-left wokeness in lieu of actual solutions for hard-working Nuttmeggers.

People are turning to Republicans:

  1. Because when you actually get to know the candidates, the lies behind the Democrats’ rhetoric become obvious, esepcially on issues like abortion (which is codified in CT’s Constitution)
  2. Because people are feeling the pain from out of control inflation, stemming from insane government spending; basic goods and services are too expensive and CT in general has become unaffordable. Nobody wants to move here. The wealth gap has only worsened under Democrat rule.
  3. Because our cities have been totally failed (Hartford is on pace to have its deadliest year since 2003), and violent crime such as rape is up as much as 23%. Democrats have made the lives and jobs of our police more difficult and it’s telling that I have not seen a single police union or association endorse CT Democrats – only Republicans. Years of one-party rule by unmotivated, career Democrat politicians who defang and defund the police has obviously failed both CT’s communities as well as the police themselves.
  4. Because good-hearted people can see how a transgender female volleyball player in North Carolina caused serious head and neck injuries to a biological female player and think “this isn’t fair.” They understand that CT’s young female track athletes aren’t suing the state because they are against inclusivity and tolerance, they are suing because feminism and women’s sports are under attack by woke politics. To modern Democrats, even the very words “mother” and “father” are not “inclusive” enough and must be cancelled.

No wonder formerly apolitical people, especially young people, are speaking out. And they should. 80s millennials, Generation X and older have all failed the younger generations; the people they keep rotely electing will only put more debt on our backs, not solve our problems. It’s time for change and a turn away from divisive, weird, woke radicalism.

It’s time to elect people who are serious about fixing Connecticut.

Physicians like Larry Lazor who will bring actual, real healthcare experience to the table, as opposed to John Larson, who if elected would serve for TWENTY EIGHT years (is 22 years not enough time in office?)

Self-made businessmen and women like Anastasia Yopp and Bob Stefanowski, who have worked hard to achieve the American Dream themselves, who actually understand the financial difficulties facing CT families and want to turn CT around and make our state affordable FOR ALL to achieve their American Dream.

Chief financial officers like Mary Fay who understand that we only have a balanced budget because of federal COVID money and that CT will be in serious need of fiscal responsibility come this time next year.

Why do we keeping putting our future in the hands of career politicians with inherited family fortunes like Ned Lamont, who made $54 MILLION DOLLARS last year? Why have we grown complacent with high rates of violent crime and mismanaged finances? Why does nobody care about the hundreds of millions of dollars in overruns at the State Pier in New London? Do people realize our kids’ education scores have been declining since 2011, long before COVID?

Enough is enough. For the first time in my lifetime, it’s time to give Connecticut Republicans a real chance to tackle the state’s issues that Democrats have historically proven they are unable or unwilling to address.  I don’t want to leave for more affordable states like so many others — I want a future here in Connecticut — and that’s why I’m supporting Republicans this November.

Kyle Zelazny
West Hartford

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