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Letter to the Editor: Area Rabbis Respond to Donald Trump’s Call to Bar Entry to All Muslims

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As Rabbis of the Jewish community we condemn and reject presidential candidate Donald Trump’s call to bar entry to all Muslims as bigoted and offensive. Mr. Trump is using fear to justify prejudice and we know the dangerous road this type of language leads to. To call for a ban on one billion people because of the actions of the few is wrong. America at its best has always stood against this type of intolerance and we must do it again. Leviticus 19 challenges “You shall not go about as a talebearer….neither shall you stand idly by the blood of your neighbor.” We call on all Americans to reject this and to call it out for what it is.

In this season of faith and light, let us use our freedom wisely–as faithful beacons of reason, dignity, and respect shining through the violence, hatred and bigotry that cast their cold, dark shadows upon us. And, above all, let us recognize that we are all created in God’s image, and therefore possess intrinsic worth.

And, as the Talmud teaches: “Righteous people of every nation possess a share in the world-to-come” (Sanhedrin 105a) Thus, we not only rebuke all practice of hateful violence and bigotry. But, we also stand in solidarity with every decent and just person, whatever his or her faith tradition, who exercises peace, love and understanding–not only to secure his or her portion in the world to come but to heal this world in the spirit of repairing our world.

Rabbi Yitzchok Adler
Rabbi Gary Atkins
Rabbi Jeffrey Bennett
Rabbi Donna Berman
Rabbi Stephen Fuchs
Rabbi Ilana Garber
Rabbi Jeffrey Glickman
Rabbi Howard Herman
Rabbi Michael Kohn
Rabbi Craig Marantz
Rabbi Richard Plavin
Rabbi Michael Pincus
Rabbi Seth Reimer
Rabbi Jim Rosen
Rabbi Harold Silver
Rabbi David J. Small

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