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Letter to the Editor: Endorsement for Jillian Gilchrest

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Dear Editor:

Progressive Women of Greater Hartford (ProWo) endorses State Representative Jillian Gilchrest of the 18th District serving West Hartford for a second term in the Connecticut General Assembly. The causes Representative Gilchrest champions resound with ProWo. These include: aiding small businesses, education, the environment, families, firearms safety, healthcare, substance abuse, women’s health and safety, and workforce development.

There is a theme to Gilchrest’s array of commitments. She takes seriously concerns impacting the quality of life for individuals she serves directly as well as those of statewide constituents. Her admirable qualities are compassionate caring and a sense of equality, fairness, and justice.

Representative Gilchrest’s rise demonstrates her strong capability. As a freshman in the General Assembly, Jillian quickly matured into a legislator with a respected voice, gaining her the Majority Caucus Chair for the Democrats and positioning her with memberships on important committees: Appropriations, Education and Commerce. ProWo duly notes Gilchrest’s energy, enthusiasm and intellect which earned her these responsibilities.

Representative Gilchrest’s legislative activity exhibits her dedication to the causes for which she advocates. ProWo finds Jillian’s consistency and follow through on these causes an important reason for our support of her. She delivered on the Connecticut Paid Family Medical Leave Act, significant legislation co-sponsored by her. Other meaningful policies Gilchrest played a role turning into law are safe storage of firearms in homes and cars and elimination and extension of the sexual assault statute of limitations.

The sheer number of bills Representative’s Gilchrest puts her name to exemplifies her devotion to public service. Even when legislation is not acted upon, Jillian’s boldness persists. Case in point: the controversial excise tax on ammunition for gun violence prevention and reduction efforts which she proposed in 2019 reappeared on her agenda this year.

ProWo is impressed by Representative Gilchrest’s accessibility to her constituency through the events she holds. An example is the July virtual town hall she had with Senator Blumenthal and Senator Murphy on COVID-19 federal aid for wage earners ineligible for that assistance. This town hall evidenced Gilchrest’s willingness to bring critical issues to the public attention when her constituents’ most pressing needs require state and federal partnership.

In a recent debate sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Greater Hartford, Jillian crafted answers that wove current state issues during this challenging time with federal policies and programs such as restarting the economy, relief for small businesses and remote learning. Representative Gilchrest aced the questions with comprehensive, informed responses. She is an outstanding candidate worthy of our endorsement and your vote.


Members, Progressive Women of the 18th District:

Deborah Ducoff-Barone
Laura Deutsch
Lucy Ferriss
Sheila Fisher
Mary Martha (Marty) Littlejohn
Robin Roth
Naomi Scheinerman
Michelle Souza
Jane Zande
[email protected]

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