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Letter to the Editor: Endorsement for the Whole Row A Team

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To the voting members of our community:

We are very fortunate, we have a very committed and qualified town council slate running in this year’s November elections. They are running for NON-PAID VOLUNTEER positions on Town Council!

Each person running along the Row A line is uniquely qualified and well suited for their position on council.

I speak in detail of why I support Shari G. Cantor’s reelection campaign here: https://we-ha.com/letter-to-the-editor-support-for-shari-cantor-and-democratic-team/

Here is why I am supporting the other Row A candidates:

  1. They are endorsed by the town DTC. Why is this important? The DTC is comprised of many people in town who are likely neighbors, friends, customers, and business associates of just about every person reading this op-ed.  There are nine districts in town and each district leadership lives within their district. In other words, you undoubtedly have people you know well and care about who are active in the process.
  2. The slate of candidates represent our town really well being very diverse in area of expertise, background, and gender/nationality.  They are a true microcosm of what West Hartford is.
  3. They genuinely care and fight for the issues I hear most about in this town whether lower taxes, maintenance of services, and growing commerce and affordable housing. They all have their finger on the pulse.
  4. They have the relationships with state officials to protect our town from cutbacks and other economic risks. I talk about this extensively in my previous LTTE for Mayor Cantor. This is a huge reason to vote Row A.
  5. I’ve made the effort to know each candidate and encourage everyone who reads this to do so as well. Here are my thoughts on each and why I am voting for each and every one of them (in no particular order):

Leon Davidoff:  A local businessman, former deputy mayor and fighter for the little guy. He does so much that goes unnoticed by the community to help the struggling and underprivileged.

Carol Blanks: Served for several years on the board of education and most recently, as its chair. She brings a passion for our schools and our children and understands the need to maintain West Hartford standing as a top school district in the U.S. better than anyone.

Ben Wenograd: He has fought for affordable housing, protecting the climate and has quietly made a huge impact on our community.  He knows what is needed to move our town forward and knows how to work with people at both the state and local level to accomplish this.

Beth Kerrigan: Deputy mayor and a champion for LGBTQIA rights and freedoms, she (along with her wife Jody) brought a case to the Supreme Court of the United States where gay marriage was finally officially legalized leading the way for couples wishing for marriage across America.

Liam Sweeney: Was a founding member of Active City which is a nonprofit that provides underprivileged kids access to various sports programs, no one has a greater commitment to our towns kids and quality education than Liam!

It is easy to take sides based on narratives from outside sources that have no interest or investment in our town.  Learning about the PEOPLE behind the candidacy is vital and I hope I have provided a small window into each of our candidates. I reiterate, take the time to attend an event where these volunteers (yes, I remind again that they are volunteers) are appearing and say hello. It is well worth the effort, I assure you.

John Lyons
West Hartford

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  • If you keep electing Democrats, your taxes WILL rise, your Constitutional rights WILL be curtailed, business WILL be driven out. Is that what you want? The election of “ Lamont lackies” will not move our town forward. Vote for freedom, vote Republican. Thank you.

  • Thank you, I’m glad someone else has guts to speak up! The epidemic of neglect, drugs and crime that flourishes in Hartford is now here. Thanks to the WH democratic town committee that brings John Blowhard Larson here to talk about Trump. A lot of good THAT does us!

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