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Letter to the Editor: Support for Derek Slap

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To the Editor: 

This past legislative session I had an “issue” – one that I wanted heard.  I knew I needed to get the attention of my elected official so I started with a direct email to my State Representative, Derek Slap. I let Derek know that I was advocating for him to support H.B. 5542, An Act Regulating Bump Stocks, and that this bill was important to me because I am concerned about the epidemic of gun violence in this country. Having never met or worked with Derek before, I expected my email to go unreturned. I expected to have to write more letters, make more calls, and knock on more doors.

Within minutes however, Derek replied, personally. He let me know that he supported the bill, planned to co-sponsor it and that gun safety was an important issue to him, too. As the legislative session evolved, Derek kept me informed of the bill’s progress, its likelihood of passing and he confirmed when the bill would be voted on so I could attend the debate and House vote. 

In essence, Derek was firmly supporting common sense gun legislation, while openly engaging his constituents in the legislative process. I appreciated that not only was he was accessible and responsive as a State Representative, but that he empowered me to have my voice heard by the state legislature. 

Since I first met Derek, I’ve learned that he is a champion for strong gun safety laws. He set out early one Saturday morning in June and walked several miles across West Hartford with gun violence prevention advocates to raise awareness and show support for this issue. During the general election, Derek earned the Candidate Distinction from Moms Demand Action for Gun Safety in America because he has pledged to fight for common sense gun laws. He has also expressed his support for a bill banning ghost guns, which is expected to be raised in the 2019 legislative session. 

As a resident of the 19th District, I firmly value having Derek Slap represent me in our state government. He is a seasoned leader who is dedicated to West Hartford’s success as a town and to a safe, economically fair and thriving state. As such, I enthusiastically support his bid for the 5th District Senate seat. 


Kate Meny Martin
West Hartford

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