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Letter to the Editor: Support for Jillian Gilchrest and Gun Safety

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To the Editor:

By now we are all familiar with the cycle of mass shootings and gun violence in the U.S.: the headlines, the horror, the tears, the promises, the “thoughts and prayers” and, ultimately, the inaction by our country’s elected officials to enact strong gun safety laws to protect everyday citizens. Rinse and repeat; rinse and repeat. Many of us have become numb to this cycle. For some, it’s even become normal. But this is NOT normal. And we do not have to live like this.

The solutions to our country’s gun violence problem can seem complicated and complex, but this much is clear: a vote for Jillian Gilchrest is a vote for gun safety and a champion for common sense solutions to our country’s epidemic of gun violence.

Jillian has taken a strong and vocal position in championing gun safety. She spoke up in supporting the ban on bump stocks that the Connecticut legislature passed into law this year, and she supported regulating un-serialized ghost guns, which the Connecticut legislature failed to pass. She marched in support of the Parkland students at March for Our Lives, she is a supporter of Connecticut Against Gun Violence and she has earned the Candidate Distinction from Moms Demand Action for Gun Safety in America because she has pledged to fight for common sense gun laws that will keep Connecticut residents safe.

Jillian understands that the states are the last real protection against our federal government’s inability to enact strong gun laws. She is committed to protecting the rights of law-abiding citizens and understands that protecting these rights is not at odds with making our schools, streets and communities safe. Connecticut has the third strongest gun laws in the country because the people of Connecticut have been clear: we want to continue to lead the nation in gun safety laws.

Please join me on November 6th in supporting Jillian Gilchrest for State Representative. Jillian’s strong stance in the field of gun violence prevention is emblematic of how she will approach working in our state government. She researches, she listens, she acts. Jillian has listened to the people of Connecticut who demand that we continue to lead the nation in gun safety laws. She has earned my support this November and I hope she will earn yours, too.


Kate Meny Martin
West Hartford

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