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Letter to the Editor: Vote for Derek Slap

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To the Editor:

I’m writing to express my support for Derek Slap, who is running for State Senate in the 5th District. As a state representative for the past two years, he has worked on and supported legislation that widely benefits families, children, and seniors alike. Representative Slap is a hard-working legislator; one that listens, and who understands the importance of working in a bipartisan manner to benefit all of his constituents.

Mr. Slap worked to pass legislation that stopped taxation on Social Security benefits, and the AARP awarded him for his work in fighting for affordable utility costs. He has also worked on important funding for people with disabilities.  He has been recognized by the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters for his work on a bill that established an independent MDC consumer advocate.

Representative Slap worked extremely hard to pass Connecticut’s pay equity laws and is now working on an employee-funded paid family medical leave bill. Having access to paid family leave means that workers will have the ability to take time off from work to care for an ailing parent, a child who needs surgery or other medical treatment, care for and bond with a newborn or adopted child, settle their parent into a long-term care facility, or assist a spouse who has had surgery or is recuperating from an injury – without fear of how they will make their mortgage or rent payment or put food on the table. Mr. Slap is also working on the issue of age discrimination by pursuing legislation that will remove the birthdate question on job applications.

In the area of public health, Representative Slap is very much aware of and concerned about the epidemic of vaping/e-cigarettes, particularly among teens and young adults. He has been listening to those in the communities he serves, attending and helping to organize public forums for teens, young adults, and parents; and he is now working on ways to reduce access to and use of vaping products for those under 21.

For these reasons and so many more, it’s clear that Derek Slap will bring experience, knowledge, enthusiasm, a strong work ethic, and compassion to the State Senate.  I hope that you will join me in voting for Derek Slap for State Senate on Tuesday, February 26th.

Beth Kintner

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  • A Vote for Derek Slap: a Slap in the face! He wants higher taxes, no serious cut backs on spending, no removal of overtime in state workers’ pension calculations, tolls, and no restrictions to on demand abortion. The 5th District can do better.

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