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Letter to the Editor: Why Mary Fay’s Campaign Color is Purple

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Dear Editor,

As we approach the state-wide election in November, I am once again using purple as my campaign color as I canvas across West Hartford’s district 18 as a candidate for state representative. I used the color purple and concept as I won election for West Hartford town councilor last year. Aside from being my daughter Katie’s favorite color, purple has great meaning to me, and to many constituents, both in Connecticut and throughout the U.S. Let me explain.

The two-party system, Democrat and Republican, is not doing its job. This system has paralyzed progress, as politicians become polarized around party politics. It has created rancor and poor behavior among normally civilized citizens, is causing the end of civil discourse, and silencing voices who disagree. It has created bias in our journalism, corruption in our justice department, and a lack of trust that is wide spread. The “do-nothing” Congress, which is cast in concrete over party politics, has gone on for far too long, not solving the problems our nation faces.

Connecticut citizens are fed up and tired of party politics that pit people against each other, impeding progress. We can do better. I’m running for state representative because I love West Hartford and Connecticut, a place I have called home throughout my life. As a non-traditional family, it is a place we feel comfortable and safe, with its true sense of community, a great school system, and diversity, which combined offer a good quality of life. But our economic issues are a dangerous reality that need to be faced head on. To date, our leaders have not focused on nor addressed our over spending, high taxes, lack of jobs, and affordability issues: these are the number one concerns voiced by residents and business.

The color purple signifies many positive attributes to me, as it combines Republican red and Democrat blue. Combining means taking the best of each part. It means acting in a non-partisan way, reaching for the best demanded by our constituents and ourselves. The color purple means reaching across the aisle to get things done, compromising, and acting in our collective best interests; all residents interests, not just those that align with one party. Purple means knocking down walls that get in the way of our progress to make things better. Purple means moderation, not operating at either far end of the political spectrum, kicking and screaming to get our own way.

Connecticut needs real change in Hartford to fix our broken economy. Not just change that swaps one entrenched party loyalist with another. The faces change, but the policies and polarization continue.

Representing the color purple, I bring real, substantiated change, and have the experience as a change agent, leader, outsider, and financial expert to move this state forward. Fixing our broken economy will be my top priority. We need jobs, lower taxes, and better affordability to attract new people and businesses to our state and keep them here.

With hard work, a plan focused on growing the economy, and using the strategy of the color purple, we can regain Connecticut’s competiveness and “ Rebuild Connecticut Together”.

Vote for Mary Fay for State Representative so that we can REBUILD CT TOGETHER.

Best Regards,

Mary M. Fay
West Hartford Town Councilor and State Rep Candidate for the 18th District

Editor’s Note: Mary M. Fay is the Republican candidate for the 18th State House District

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