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Letter to the Editor: Why People Should Vote for Jillian Gilchrest

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To the Editor:

On October 26, Mary Fay, the Republican candidate for Connecticut’s 18th House district, shared a post to her campaign’s Facebook page that amplified false information about undocumented immigrants and voter fraud. While Fay claims to be moderate, her post clearly echoes President Trump’s repeated false claims about immigrant voter fraud. As a West Hartford resident and scholar of immigration, I urge residents of the 18th district to reject Fay’s divisive rhetoric and to vote for Democratic candidate Jillian Gilchrest. 

When sharing the “Conservative Connecticut” post, Fay wrote, “Voter fraud needs to be stopped immediately.” President Trump came to office making similar claims and set up a voter fraud commission to investigate. In January 2018, Trump disbanded the commission, which had produced no evidence of voter fraud. While Trump’s commission issued no report, the Brennan Center for Justice investigated claims of noncitizen voting and found only 30 likely incidences across the 23.5 million votes cast in the 2016 general election.

Without question, voter fraud is not acceptable in our elections, but there is no evidence that it is systematically occurring. Investigation after investigation has revealed that voter fraud is extremely rare and, where it does occur, it is often the result of unintentional mistakes by voters or election administrators. Nonetheless, Trump and allies like Fay continue to promote claims of noncitizen voting, as part of a larger effort to foster division and scapegoat immigrants. 

In contrast, Jillian Gilchrest recognizes that the real voting crisis in American is low levels of participation. Jillian knows that a healthy democracy is one in which citizens can and do readily take part. She has vowed that once in office, she will support any measure to bolster and protect Connecticut citizens’ right to vote. Moreover, she recognizes the economic value and cultural richness that immigrants bring to our state and rejects efforts to blame newcomers for our challenges.

President Trump’s false and divisive claims have no place in West Hartford or in our state. I encourage residents of District 18 to send a message about our values as a community by voting for Jillian Gilchrest and other Democratic candidates on Tuesday, November 6.


Abigail Williamson
West Hartford, CT

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  • Voter fraud is what this individual is focused on as an issue when the state is seeing the worst financial crisis it has ever encountered? The financial crisis is my concern, not this half baked argument and finger pointing. Also, the proposal by Jillian Gilchrest to address the financial crisis is just more taxes when residents can barely afford to pay the current taxes in this town. At least Mary Fay has a proven track record with managing finances. The financial bleeding has to stop which is why I am voting for Mary Fay on Tuesday.

    • Thank you Lisa. The Democrats are out in full force spreading false hoods and spreading their anti-Trump hate. I suppose when 40 years of Democratic Leadership has wrecked Connecticut’s economy and is hurting residents, business, and creating mass exodus, all you can talk about is Trump. While the rest of the country and New England leaves CT in the dust, all the opposition can talk about is resisting Trump. No wonder we are in crisis. I have the financial leadership, pension and healthcare experience to aid in CT’s recovery, which helps everyone. That is my focus.

      • Notice what Mary does here. Trump’s hard-line xenophobic and intentionally inflammatory rhetoric isn’t hate, opposition to it is hate. This is a badly distorted view of reality.

        Mary, you are the one who’s campaign was posting baseless claims of voter fraud on Facebook. Suddenly you are so concerned about staying on message about fiscal issues. You brought it up! So answer for it.

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