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Letter: Town Council Candidate Mary Fay Announces Endorsement

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Dear West Hartford Residents,

I am pleased to announce that I have been endorsed for re-election to Town Council. It has been a privilege and honor to serve the people of West Hartford, first as a councilor and now minority leader. I believe we need all voices to be represented, especially those that can’t speak up for themselves. We need to broaden representation and thought beyond the majority party.

West Hartford is a wonderful, vibrant town. But we do have our challenges. Public safety is in harms way, as crime volume has not only increased, but has escalated greatly. What used to be stolen cars, has know turned into shootings, car jackings, some car jackers armed with guns. We cannot tolerate crime in our town and need to support our first responders to do their jobs. I belong to a law enforcement family, and have always supported our police, fire, and other public safety officials.  We must call on our Democrat legislative contingent to help solve the issues, laws, and procedures that are impacting juvenile crime and crime in general. Public safety is the top concern among residents who have contacted me.

We also must stop passing unsustainable budgets. Our costs are soaring, creating tax increases, even with the federal relief funds granted to our town for coronavirus. Seniors and young professionals say the town is not affordable for them, largely driven by high property taxes. Accessory Dwelling Units, where homeowners can add housing units to their single-family homes, was supported by the Democrats to make the town more affordable by allowing single family homes to have rental units.

The pension obligation bonds of $300 million has saddled the town with long term debt, with no guarantee that our pensions will remain fully funded. Granting tax abatement to the developers of the St. Joseph’s property on Park Road, for the first time ever, is both reckless and dangerous. Has this set a new precedent? For a top town in the country to have to induce investment with tax giveaways is something the town did not have to do. Also, the purchase of St. Bridget’s may not turn out well, as we have seen with the UConn property.

We must also support our business community, both large and small. In our town center, business owners are crying out for help with late night unruly patrons, garbage strewn all around, and bad behavior creating late night noise and worse. Our business community needs our support, and I thank them for their presence in our town.

Lastly, I believe that we need to be more diverse, inclusive, and respectful with differing views and voices. “Cancel culture” and attacks on conservatives is not only immoral, but extremely dangerous. Just because liberals are the majority, it does not mean it is open season on differing views and voices. Conservatives, like liberals, have freedom of speech too, and drowning it out and silencing people is not only un-American, it goes against everything our country believes in, was founded on, and what our military fights for: Freedom. Conservatives in town are fearful to speak, and have voiced this concern, whether as a high schooler desiring a “Young Republicans” club, or citizens fearful of their jobs if they come forward, speak freely, or disagree. This certainly stifles input, thought leadership, and standing up for what is right. Our town states repeatedly that it values diversity and inclusion. Does diversity of thought count? As I stated earlier, I will stand up for every voice, to make sure all are accounted for, and we govern West Hartford for all.

I thank our residents, business owners, and friends and neighbors who have supported me.  I look forward to your support in November.


Mary Fay
Minority Leader

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