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Letter: Vote for A Connecticut Party, for Progress Through Mutual Respect

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To the Editor:

We are living in some of the most challenging times as West Hartford continues to be resilient thru COVID with adverse social, emotional and economic impacts it has caused to our community.

Likewise, our national political landscape is attempting to heal itself from Trump’s assault against humanity causing the loss of our moral compass and confidence in our government. A dark era of extreme governing has polarized our people, public policy and ultimately progress at all levels of government.

One step in a positive direction is “A Connecticut Party of West Hartford” by bringing their governing, business and community experiences to the table led by our current Minority Leader Lee Gold and his team. Their pragmatic ideas and commitment to strengthening our town’s fiscal programs thru zero based budgeting and renewable energy strategies to reduce carbon emissions is just the beginning. Most importantly, A Connecticut Party of West Hartford’s continued advocacy for our schools, public safety and infrastructure are their top commitments to our community.

Most importantly, we all know creating real change occurs thru real positive engagement regardless of varying perspectives and party affiliations which begins at the table.  After all, we expect effective governing from our elected officials.

On November 2nd please vote for A Connecticut Party of West Hartford. It’s time we get back to mutual respect and collaboration in order to move forward with real progress for a better tomorrow for West Hartford.

Steven Adler
West Hartford

Steven Adler served as a Republican member of the West Hartford Town Council from 2007-2013

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