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Letter: Voters Should Hold Mary Fay Accountable for her Online Behavior

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To the Editor:

West Hartford has 9 seats on our town council and our town rules allow for a maximum of 6 seats to be held by the majority party. The Democratic Party won the 2019 election overwhelmingly leaving only 3 seats available to represent the minority view. Those 3 seats should be represented by people who can bring a rational, evidence-based view to contrast and debate the majority so that we can make informed decisions about the future of our town. We should not waste that seat on someone like Mary Fay – who presents herself online as paranoid, hostile to different opinions, and unserious.

Mary Fay has come under pressure this week for a Facebook post where she told resident Joe Visconti to “kick ass” at the Stop the Steal rally in Washington, DC. She says that it is just a “figure of speech” and she was not condoning violence. I believe her. But I also believe that by encouraging the Stop the Steal rally, she is either ill-informed on our country’s electoral process or she is stoking the passions of those less informed for her own political gain with no regard for the consequences. I assume it is the latter as Mary Fay has accomplished a lot under our wonderful system of governance, she just wants more success for herself. We, as a town, deserve better.

In November 2021, let’s vote to make sure all 9 seats of our town council are occupied by people who love democracy and respectfully serve all West Hartford residents.

Aileen Busi
Unaffiliated resident of West Hartford

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  • Mary Fay can try to backpedal but this is what Visconti is ON CAMERA saying at the capitol. “The next time we do these rallies we do them in our states when we can carry our guns. Right? That’s what’s coming … It’s going to come to this. There is no other way. It’s going to end up coming to violence

    As an unaffiliated voter I welcome alternatives to the Democrat parade that occupies council chambers. Our system needs checks and balances but not alternate realities.

    Fay’s alignment with Joe Visconti and conspiracy theories illustrate the need for the Republican party to clean house. Blind support for charismatic lunatics only further polarizes the country.

  • I have known Mary for most of my life but she’s gone off the rails! Our politics couldn’t be more different but she was a family friend so I tried putting that aside until she got mean and nasty on Facebook. You’d have to see this exchange to believe it! She was so condescending and superior acting. Ironic part is she was incoherent and could barely spell. It was insane! With friends like that who needs enemies, but I do wish her well and I think getting out of public service would do wonders for her mental health.

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