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Letter: Why Glut of Pride Articles

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Dear Editors,

Elizabeth Park and surroundings are in full bloom in June, its peak month. We have not seen articles or pictures of it, and. Why Not!

We are glutted with pride articles.

What is wrong with your staff whereas we have BEAUTIFUL naturally colorful locations and events in West Hartford, and you choose such ugly, distasteful, grotesque, “night club” entertainment (referencing June 24th wash-out pride event on steps front and back of Town Hall)?

The antidote to pride is humility.

Your June articles are a disappointment. You can do better.

Mary Nagy, long time West Hartford resident.

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  • Ms. Nagy could have written a dozen different ways to highlight the beauty of Elizabeth Park and alert people to take a look, but she chose the ugliest version of herself. Beauty comes in all shades and highlighting one thing does not detract from the other. People find beauty and comfort at Pride events as well as the full rose garden in the park. At first reading I felt anger at the words in this letter, upon reflection, I feel sad that this persons heart is so dark.

    • I agree with Sharon Brewer’s comment. June news doesn’t have to be about “either-or.” It can be about “both” and “all.” Prejudices against folks in the LGBTQ community is on the rise and encompasses a range of negative attitudes and feelings. Making a complaint that a Pride celebration distracts from a rose garden’s beauty is one way to express prejudice. It sounds a lot like “I accept this group as long as they remain hidden.”

    • I don’t think Ms. Nagy’s comment deserves such a harsh response, even to the extent of going to remotely diagnose the state of her heart. Ms. Nagy raised a very relevant question which I fully agree with. West Hartford is rich in history and diversity which we all share and cherish. Pride, on the other hand, is not supported by all, including me and many other residents. Instead of throwing venomous statements at her, you could have chosen words that would engage her in dialogue. You blame her for her attitude when you spew so much hatred yourself. As a matter of fact, you know what is going on at the pride. So many nude adults doing immoral and disgusting acts before children. Some are even heard chanting “We are coming after your children.” so, you have the audacity to defend such abhorrent pride events?? This movement you’re advocating for, as you probably know, is the root cause of HIV/AIDS or formerly known as GRIDS (Gay Plague). Please stop your insults and engage us in a dialogue. With regards

      Getch Dires
      (West Hartford Resident)

  • I concur with Sharon Brewer. I am one who is glad to live in a town that celebrates these events – we are stronger because of what we all bring to the table.

  • The mission of PRIDE is controversial.

    Even if you are one who supports the LGBTQ ideology you are well aware that many do not support this mission.

    Those who do not support the PRIDE month come from many different cultural groups in town. They may wonder why they are being asked to celebrate a mission they whole-heartily reject. They may wonder why their form of marriage does not have a month assigned to celebrate it.

    The fruits of this mission are not ones that many can celebrate. Offensive and pornographic books in libraries, Drag Queens who are often vulgar and present a view of women that distorts the image of a true female Indoctrination in our public schools and children who are encouraged to “transition” but who later are disappointed that adults allowed them to remove body parts and take cross-sex hormones that caused sterility. It is all connected.

    Please get used to it. If Ms. Nagy is overwhelmed by this, expect it. Her comments may seem odd or offensive to you but many are not prepared to deal with such shocking displays.

    If you are overjoyed by this, many will be shocked about this.

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