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Letter: Why I Support Anastasia Yopp for State Representative

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To the Editor:

I met Anastasia over the summer at an RTC meeting where she put her name in to be a candidate for Representative of the 2oth District of the State House. Her pitch was simple: she’s a highly successful self-made woman, she’s a current Board of Education member in the town of Newington, and she’s a mother who wants to make sure her son grows up in a just and copacetic America.

But above all it is her tremendous energy that caught my attention. For one, her leadership rallied the rest of the elected officials to audit the town’s spending and as a result she already saved the people of Newington money and lowered the town’s mill rate. This is exactly what she plans on doing for all residents of the atate of Connecticut.

With the current economic crisis in the country, her leadership is what the state government absolutely needs. Without people like Anastasia, government spending and cost of living would continue to rise, which would be detrimental to the future of our nation. We can’t continue down this destructive path, and Anastasia will help us change directions and bring government back to reasonable spending and activity.

I’ve also been volunteering on her campaign and I see how she interacts with her constituents. She approaches everyone with such passion it’s almost overwhelming. Not only does she have a general plan on tackling the issues with the state legislature, she also listens to everyone she speaks with and takes every issue that concerns her constituents to heart. I know it’s impossible to help everyone with every issue, but Anastasia has the mind and spirit to unite the state legislature toward a focus of economic prosperity instead of an agenda driven mindset that is sadly going to destroy the greatest nation in the history of humanity.

If you live in the 20th District, don’t hesitate and vote for Anastasia Yopp.

Yopp don’t EVER STOP.

David DeHaas
West Hartford

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