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Lux Bond & Green Introduces Gem-Water

Gem-Water bottles. Submitted photo

Lux Bond & Green will be introducing their fun product line, Gem-Water, on Saturday, July 22, during the 7th annual Om Street event on LaSalle Road in West Hartford.


Lux Bond & Green will be opening at 9 a.m. on Saturday, so that participants in the seventh annual “Om Street” outdoor yoga event, held right in front of their West Hartford store on LaSalle Road, will be able to sample Gem-Water as soon as they finish the class.

Gem-Water bottles. Submitted photo

“We were so excited when we saw these beautiful Gem-Water bottles simply because they’re gorgeous. THEN we found out what they actually do to water … and we were completely hooked!” said Lux Bond & Green President and CEO John Green.

Gem-Water by VitaJuwel takes ordinary water and turns it into extraordinary H2O by enlivening it through the energy of special gemstone blends. Yes, you read that right. Here’s the thing. Gemstones actually possess powerful physical properties that have been harnessed since ancient times in various spiritual and naturopathic practices. And even if that’s too woo-woo for you, think about the use of quartz crystal to sustain a very precise frequency in clocks and watches. Now, granted, Gem-Water bottles don’t tell time … but they do lots of other amazing things!

The gemstones’ energy actually affects the water right through the glass gempods — they never come in physical contact with your water, making it super hygienic and convenient. Sound amazing? It is. The result is noticeably revitalized water, shown in independent labs to have a restored crystalline structure, boosted alkalinity level, and higher oxygen content — all qualities comparable to water straight from a natural spring.

We invite yoga participants, and anyone else to come in, try it, and taste the difference and see how beautiful the bottles, decanter and other Gem products are.

We all know that proper hydration is immensely important to keeping our bodies functioning at their highest potential, so a healthy water habit is a must. But why tote a water bottle that just transports your “dead” water when you can carry one that’s full of gorgeous gems constantly working their magic? And frankly, we could all use a little more magic in our lives!

The Green Family, being Green for 119 years.

Gem-Water bottles. Submitted photo

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