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Adria Giordano's daughters with their puppy, Tenley.

Thoughts and ruminations about being a working mom, raising two daughters, and being Italian … while trying to maintain my sanity and organized closets. (My husband’s laugh, red wine, and ironing make me happy.)

By Adria Giordano

Finding Happy Moments, March 11, 2020

I read a passage yesterday that said: “A Good Life is a collection of happy moments.” 

Finding the happy moments is what I tend to do. It’s my go-to, when life gets overwhelming.

My daughter asked me when she was little, why she had to have another surgery. She asked me again last week when her doctor told her she needed to have her seventh and eighth eye surgery.

My husband and I stress about this all the time. He also stresses about work and his mom and taking care of us.

My youngest daughter comes into bed with me when she is feeling stressed about anything.

My mom is always worrying about her brother, her children, and her grandchildren.

My dad is worried about getting older.

My sisters worry about their children.

My friends worry about their children, their health, their future.

The political climate makes me worry.

The coronavirus makes us all worry.

I sometimes feel overwhelmed with worry. My family, friends, the world. It can be daunting.

So I need to remember the happy moments.

It may seem trite, and silly … but it’s amazing how true this is when you think about it. I tell my daughters when something happens, it’s a moment in time. Even if it seems overwhelming and something we cannot control. It’s a blip in their entire life, even if it seems like a big thing at the time. They will get though it and it’s another chapter of their story. A moment in time.

Maybe this is what a good life simply is. Not wealth or a successful job or living in an amazing house. Or fancy vacations or even healthy children. Maybe even in times of challenges, it’s then that we have to look hard for the happy moments. Take these and string them together, with bits and pieces of overwhelming and sad moments.

It’s a choice we make. To believe this is true.

Yes, I choose to remember the happy moments when our life gets overwhelming. Maybe it’s naïve. But it helps me navigate this crazy thing called life.

This morning I was remembering Christmas morning when we were all together. My girls are teenagers, and they still get excited about celebrating this special holiday. Not the presents or the pjs or even the sweet rolls we make. They just love having me and my husband home, not rushing off to work. No school and no rushing. Just all of us together. We even got matching pjs for our new puppy.

May seem naïve but I will continue to remind my girls to do this when life seems overwhelming and challenging.

Wishing you all good moments. ❤️

Adria Giordano describes herself as a mom, wife, fundraiser, party planner, and blogger. She is a currently the director of development for Chrysalis Center in Hartford, CT. She lives in West Hartford with her husband, two teenage daughters, and mini goldendoodle puppy.

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